Download WhatsApp for Nokia 3310, Asha, Windows, S40, S60 (For All Models)

For every Nokia users who are looking to download WhatsApp for Nokia phones, this article will definitely help you out. There are many Nokia fans still relying on this brand and using many of its devices. Recently Nokia has launched the iconic 3310 model in Mobile World Congress 2017 event which used to be their one of the best phone models of all time. But this is the era of Smart mobile phones with app support feature. Also check out Teer results here. Soon after the launch, people started searching whether they can download WhatsApp on Nokia 3310 mobile phone or not. Well, in this detailed article we have researched and collected all the information regarding “Nokia 3310” as well complete guide on how to download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha, Symbian S40 & S60, Windows/ Lumia Series smartphones [All models].

Nokia is back and we expect they will make WhatsApp messenger support for their all phone from now. Talking about the 3310 model no doubt, it is one of the most popular models in mobile history. Later they came with Nokia Windows phones which was not much success. Hence, Nokia decided to come back with a new upgraded 3310 model. This new Nokia mobile phone does come with a bit more upgraded features. It’s no more a basic phone but a modern classic feature phone that can be grabbed at just €49 or Approx 3000 INR. Even they are launching the 4G variant of Nokia 3310 very soon worldwide. Also, there are many Nokia models WhatsApp still supports and some may end support as per its OS version. So, here we are going to give you some useful details to download WhatsApp Messenger for Nokia mobiles as WhatsApp on Nokia Asha, WhatsApp for Nokia X2, X, XL; WhatsApp for Symbian S40, S40 and others. Some Nokia models still can manage to do a video call and voice call. To know how to download and install WhatsApp for Nokia phones then here you will find all the tutorials for every single model. So, without any further delay let’s get started!

WhatsApp For Nokia Asha, S40, S60, X, X2, XL, Android [All Models]

whatsapp for nokia asha

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WhatsApp is a dominating instant messenger which provides unlimited free chat, voice call, video call using the internet. Still some of the mobile users using Nokia devices and most of the Nokia still rocking Symbian S60, S40 or series 40, Android and Windows Phone as well. Luckily you can download WhatsApp for Nokia phones and install. However, official WhatsApp has announced there will be no future updates for Nokia Symbian S60 after June 30, 2017. And for the S40 running devices, WhatsApp will remain supportable until the end of this year [2018]. It is a good news and again bad for WhatsApp users. Not to worry, it means after the support ends there will be no further updates for those specific running OS or still a user can download the WhatsApp for Symbian devices. Now let us see what features are there which you can still enjoy using WhatsApp on Nokia Asha, X, XL, Symbian, and other devices.

App NameWhatsApp for Nokia
Supported ModelsNokia Asha (Including Chat edition): 206, 208, 210, 230, 300, 301, 302, 303, 306, 308, 309, 310, 311, 515, 500, 501, 502, 503.
Nokia C3-00; Nokia X2-01; Nokia X3-02; Nokia X3-02.5; Nokia X2-00
Nokia X7, Nokia E6/7, Nokia N8, C6/7, Nokia 500/600/700/701/808; Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia N70, Nokia N75, Nokia 85, Nokia N90, Nokia N78, Nokia 65, Nokia N91
Supported Nokia OS1. Symbian S40 or Series 40
2. Nokia Android Devices
3. Nokia Symbian 60 or S60
4. Nokia Java Phone
5. Nokia Windows Phone
WhatsApp app type WhatsApp.APK, and WhatsApp.sis
App SizeDepending device WhatsApp for Nokia app size may vary.

Latest WhatsApp on Nokia (Best Features)

WhatsApp always updates its app to keep it top in its platform. On popular operating system, it is always bringing useful and privacy update to make it, even more, user-friendly. As old Nokia devices are outdated WhatsApp official ending its support to Nokia Symbian S60 and Nokia S40 very soon. As said, no longer app development for this platform the same OS user won’t get any further updates but still can download the app for their Nokia devices. With the latest Nokia WhatsApp app, a user still can enjoy same features that are available on other existing OS. In some Nokia device, WhatsApp app does support video call and voice call besides free chat. Let us have a look Nokia Version WhatsApp Features.

Unlimited Free Chats with others

Unlike other versions the Nokia WhatsApp app also allows free chatting using the internet. Send an unlimited free message to your family and friends. So, without worrying about SMS charges just connect to the internet and download the latest version of WhatsApp for Nokia phone.

whatsapp on Nokia phone

Group Chat

To keep in touch with the group of people you can create a group and add members to it. How about creating a group of your friends and one for the family. This sense is much innovative as you can add members with up to 256 people in a single WhatsApp group. Hence, you can broadcast your though to many group member in just one effort.whatsapp nokia asha

WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls

This feature may not work completely on some Nokia device but this works on Nokia Android and WhatsApp for Nokia Windows Phone running device. Using the feature you can speak freely using voice call and video call. The face-to-face call makes it your chatting experience as next level. Like text this also free to do so but you may need a strong internet connection. So, make voice and video call without worrying about carrier charges using WhatsApp for your Nokia.whatsapp for nokia 3310

End-To-End Encryption

Don’t worry your all conversation and shared files on WhatsApp server are safe and secured. WhatsApp now supports end-to-end encryption which makes your conversation in WhatsApp. So, your sent files can only be seen by the recipient only or not even the WhatsApp team. This feature may not work in some WhatsApp, as this features are exclusive to latest versions. Most of the WhatsApp sis apps are not updated so you might miss this feature in WhatsApp for whatsapp for nokia x2

Share Files On The Go!

Sharing files were never been easy than sharing files via WhatsApp. You can send any file type from your WhatsApp app to another WhatsApp Nokia user. It is free to do and this allows up to 100MB documents to send. It is way better medium to share files with friends and family than sharing with email and other apps.

nokia 216 whatsapp

WhatsApp on Nokia Version Features Summary:

  • Simple and Reliable text.
  • Free text, voice calls, and video calls.
  • Group messaging in.
  • Safe and secure texting.
  • Easy photos and video sharing.
  • Voice message.

Download WhatsApp for Nokia 3310 Phone

WhatsApp is the most popular and most used messaging portal. With more than 1.2 billion active users it’s a big hit. This messaging app that is almost used by everyone, as after buying new Nokia 3310 you are going to miss as of now. Yes, unfortunately, Nokia 3310 does not support WhatsApp and it is just a feature phone. But the good news is Nokia has launched the Nokia 3310 4G variant which may support WhatsApp, Facebook and other smart apps soon. Still, they are yet to confirm when it is going available to buy or when WhatsApp is going to work on it. I hope very soon you will be able to use WhatsApp on Nokia 3310 smartphone because Without WhatsApp your Nokia 3310 will be outdated right?

latest whatsapp on nokia 3310 download

Latest Download WhatsApp for Nokia Phones!

Don’t worry, we will update this section once the 4G variant of 3310 become available to buy and ready to install WhatsApp. Hence, you will be able to download this for your new updated Nokia classic model in near future. keep checking our posts to know when Nokia 3310 will be available to buy and how to download WhatsApp on Nokia 3310 for free. If you want to know about the 4G variant of Nokia 3310 then below I have shared the details of this phone which you can check out or skip the section to read how to install WhatsApp Messenger on other Nokia phone models.

Everything You Need To Know About New Nokia 3310 (2017): Specification!

The new Nokia 3310 4G Edition has got a polished design, but the form factor remains the same. With bigger 2.4” TFT display, this comes with 4 available colour option to choose from. Not only Nokia fans but all the old Nokia 3310 users would surely love to have this. With improved features, the new Nokia 3310 4G version runs on Yun OS. So, now it has possibilities to download WhatsApp app for Nokia 3310.

In future, before you download WhatsApp Messenger for Nokia 3310, you may be interested to know its features. This new Nokia 3310 4G device is more powerful than its predecessor. But keeping the same feel of old Nokia 3310. There are a lot of things to learn about this device, so let’s figure out it.

  • The new Nokia 3310 4G now sports a 2MP rear camera.
  • 4G Internet access is available in this new edition.
  • Comes in 4 colour variants; Glossy Warm Red, Glossy Yellow, Matte Dark Blue, and Matte Grey.
  • Single sim with 4G band support.
  • Redesigned keypad with left-right, up-down navigation key.
  • 2.4” WQVGA colour TFT display.
  • MP3 player and FM player enabled.
  • WiFi with Hotspot.
  • External slot for Micro SD up to 64GB.
  • 1200mAh Li-ion removal battery with 22 hours talk time claim.
  • Bluetooth v3.0 enabled.
  • 16MB internal memory.
  • LED flashlight.
  • USB 2.0.
  • Call recorder supported.
  • 8mm thickness.

Download WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian S40 or Series 40

Nokia Symbian operated devices are capable of running WhatsApp. But as said, WhatsApp ending support for this operating system. So, if you have Nokia device running on Symbian S40 or series 40 then you can download WhatsApp for Symbian S40 for free. WhatsApp is ending support for the series 40 by the end of this year. Hence, it will be wise to download the app before it stops receiving the future update. You can download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha series smartphones easily as they are powered by Symbian S40.

download whatsapp nokia mobile

To download it click here from your browser (commonly opera browser supports) and it will get downloaded whatsapp.sisAfter download, it can be installed immediately by clicking on the downloaded. The given link is also the link for Nokia users who were looking for WhatsApp for Nokia X2 free download.

Download WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian S60 and Series 60

Unfortunately, WhatsApp has ended the support for Nokia Symbian S60 after June 30, 2017. There will be no further support and updates for the device running on this software.

whatsapp symbian download

And using the Nokia Symbian S60 you cannot download WhatsApp from the official website.

WhatsApp for Nokia Windows/Lumia Phone

You can download WhatsApp for Windows Phone and also can easily run latest WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia. The device like Nokia X and XL, Nokia Lumia 635, Nokia Lumia 1020 are all Windows Phone OS running device from Nokia. Though the OS is not popular at this stage it supports WhatsApp.


From the official WhatsApp, you can download WhatsApp for Nokia X and other Lumia devices for free. Here I am dropping a download link for WhatsApp app for Nokia Lumia download.

Click here to download WhatsApp for Lumia

WhatsApp for Nokia Android Mobile

WhatsApp Android version does come with the advanced features that have been mentioned on above. WhatsApp Android version offers free download for the Android devices which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and its official website. Please also note that some older Android version doesn’t support WhatsApp anymore. If your Nokia device runs on Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 or older version then it will not work. However, newer Nokia Android device versions can download free. So, if you have Nokia 3, 5, 6, 8 or any other Android running Nokia device then check out the link given below.

Click here to download Android version WhatsApp for Nokia 3,5,6,8

Download free WhatsApp app for Nokia 3310 and enjoy the seamless smartphone features on your new Nokia feature phone. So, this was all about Nokia’s new device and free WhatsApp Messenger download for it. Enjoy modern classic features and WhatsApp in Nokia 3310. Let me know, what’s your view and WhatsApp experience on this new Nokia 3310 2017 edition.

Free WhatsApp Download for Nokia: FAQ

FAQ1: Does Nokia 3310 Support WhatsApp?

Ans: No, officially there is no way to download any support WhatsApp for Nokia 3310 (2017). The new Nokia 3310 runs on basic software which doesn’t support any type of third-party application.

FAQ2: Can we download WhatsApp for Nokia X2?

Ans: There are two variants of Nokia X2, one is spec phone and another one is X platform running model. The X platform running device can run Android apps so that it possible to download WhatsApp for Nokia X2[X platform version].

FAQ3: What will happen after end support from WhatsApp team in Nokia S40?

Ans: WhatsApp going to end there support for Nokia S4 software by the end of this year (Dec 31, 2018). It means the WhatsApp development team will stop for further updates. You may be able to use this application but any time it may stop working.

FAQ4: What are the support Nokia devices?

Ans: Till now WhatsApp team supporting Nokia Series 40 phones that includes Whatsapp for Nokia C3-00, Nokia C3-01, Nokia X2-01, Nokia X3-02, Nokia X3-02.5, Nokia X2-00. Some Nokia Asha models also run WhatsApp, as these are running on S40. As you know Nokia Android and Windows Phone also runs WhatsApp quite well.

FAQ5: Does WhatsApp Nokia version support video call?

Ans: Sadly, WhatsApp Nokia app for Series S40 doesn’t support but if you own Android and Windows Phone running Nokia does support WhatsApp video call. You can download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha smartphones and enjoy basic features.

Important Note: This is a knowledge-based blog post to help to get WhatsApp for Nokia 3310. As of official WhatsApp Messenger app doesn’t work but as per Series 30+ platform is should work WhatsApp Lite version. If the official link of WhatsApp lite doesn’t work then try out downloading WhatsApp jar file.


So these were all about to download WhatsApp for Nokia phones. We did include all the download link for Nokia devices and also listed out WhatsApp unsupported Nokia devices. As WhatsApp latest version for Nokia is free to download for any operating system and the given WhatsApp application for Nokia also free to download. Also, some popular Nokia devices WhatsApp download like WhatsApp on Nokia X2 also included on this page. So, download WhatsApp Nokia device and start using from today.


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