WhatsApp for Jio Phone Download!! Everything You Need To Know

Reliance Jio has taken telecommunication industry to a new level by giving 4G internet access and phone calls, SMS with a one-time subscription on every three months. But the only issue with their kind of free service is that you will need to have a 4G device in order to use this low-cost subscription. So now Reliance Jio is going to launch a new 4G phone in the market with a very minimum price of only Rs. 500. Promising news right? But being a 4G enabled device does it support WhatsApp for Jio Phone? As this is the only phone which is having a 4G facility with the minimum price range in the Indian mobile market, this could be a great device for social communications.WhatsApp for Jio Phone

So there are lots of expectations of the phone from the Indian users, like what are the features that you are going to get. Does Whatsapp for Jio Phone enable or not? As you are getting a quality 4G phone with the minimum price there are many acceptations from the users. Also, there are many rumors saying that does Whatsapp for Jio 4g Phone will be enabled. So let’s know if this Jio device will support WhatsApp or not; just like WhatsApp for Nokia 3310.

Does Whatsapp for Jio Phone enable? Here What We Know!

Jio is soon releasing their new 4G phone in the Indian mobile market with the most minimum price possible. The phone will not be touchscreen enabled but you will be able to do, all the things that you can do in a 4G phone. There were many rumors saying that Whatsapp for Jio phone will be enabled. But the latest report says that Jio phone will not get the best instant messaging app in their application list. Having or not having of Whatsapp in the Jio phone will really put a big impact on the success or failure of the Jio 4G phone. As Whatsapp is the most used app all over the world, so this app is very much important for the new Jio Phone.WhatsApp for Jio Phone Download

But in many of the reports, they have also stated that Jio Phone is going to have the special version of Whatsapp installed in it for only Jio users. It is been said that both the CEO of Whatsapp and Jio have decided to keep Whatsapp enabled in the new Jio Phone. But in some other report Alan Kao the engineer of Whatsapp has also said that they have not yet planned for such kind of expansion and the most important thing, the Jio Phone OS will not even support Whatsapp. So according to the chief engineer of Whatsapp, the app cannot be used in the new Jio Phone, as they are using the Fire Fox OS and Whatsapp supports only in Android, iOS, Symbian OS etc.WhatsApp for Jio 4g phone download

So it I have been said by the software engineers of Whatsapp that even though if the phone supports 4G internet connection. The mobile is unable to support Whatsapp for Jio 4G phone because the operating system of the Jio phone will not even support the security level of the Whatsapp app. So it will be very risky to use the app on the new Jio phone, as all your data can get leaked easily by any hacker if they want to.

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After all this, you will still not get the most common instant messaging app that is Whatsapp on the new Jio Phone that is soon going to be released. But not to get depressed as you will get new Jio chat app which is only for Jio users. So Jio is more focusing in on marketing their new Jio chat app other than keeping Whatsapp on the phone. But it is possible that in the near future if the mobile phone gets a good success in the market Whatsapp might approach to the phone company to enable the Whatsapp messenger. But initially you will not get Whatsapp for Jio phone, so if you are purchasing this phone then, you must be ready to use the new app Jio chat which will also be good to use with new features.

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