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Seeking WhatsApp download for PC? It is simply possible, technology makes the world smaller day by day. Routes of communication are many and we choose which one is best and easy. As maximum people are using now Smartphone so now maximum technology arrives to make easy and smooth communication using our smartphone. There are long lists of the online messaging app that you will find on the internet but some of them offer to use both on mobile and desktop. WhatsApp is among that few communicating applications which you can run on the desktop.

whatsapp for pc

We all know about WhatsApp but very few of us know that we can operate WhatsApp on Windows PC. With all its benefits and features, WhatsApp keeps its availability in PC/laptop too. So today, WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used communication app on every platform. With lots of features, WhatsApp is ruling the field of world communication technology as a messaging or chatting app. So today I am briefing here all details about WhatsApp for PC.

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Details about Download WhatsApp for PC:

WhatsApp is now officially available to use it on your Windows desktop or PC. Before now, you need to use Android emulator to use any types of Android app on your desktop. But as technology getting advanced day by day so application developer develops apps independent of any platform. WhatsApp is such an application that covers maximum platforms and operating systems.

Basically, the new WhatsApp for Windows software is similar to the WhatsApp Web. But the advantage of having this PC version WhatsApp is that you don’t need to open your browser to use WhatsApp. Except this, everything would be same, if you already used WhatsApp Web features on your PC.

WhatsApp Download For PC/Windows/Desktop

WhatsApp for your Windows PC is free to download. However, it is free for all platforms to download. So, to download WhatsApp for your Windows here is a download link for you. You can download WhatsApp application for free from below link.

[Click Here for WhatsApp Download for PC]

Steps to Use /WhatsApp Download for PC:

First of all, you will need to update WhatsApp app on your Smartphone. So if you are eager to use WhatsApp directly on your PC then also download the WhatsApp from the above given link. Install the downloaded WhatsApp like you normally install other software.

  • Launch the WhatsAp app and
  • It will open a page with a QR Scan Code. You have to scan that code to get permission to use WhatsApp for PC.
  • Now open your Android phone and launch WhatsApp App. Click on its Menu and Select WhatsApp Web.
  • Now you have to scan the QR code present on WhatsApp Web.
  • If Scanning is successful it opens the WhatsApp on your desktop. WhatsApp for PC is a mirror of your WhatsApp messenger and from the desktop, you can continue your chatting.

It’s all about the steps to use WhatsApp fort PC but there are some disadvantages of WhatsApp Web which I am listing below.

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Disadvantages of WhatsApp for PC:

  • It will consume more internet data as you need to remain connected both of your PC and mobile with the internet.
  • If you forgot to log out from desktop them anyone can see your previous conversation.
  • You can’t able to use all features of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a very famous messaging application form social tech giant Facebook. They developed it with a great user interface and keep it independent of any platform and operating system. That’s why today you can communicate with your friends and family members directly from WhatsApp download for PC. So, if you have any confusion regarding anything about this topic, drop your query below in the comment box.


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    Using whatsapp on PC is always useful because you cannot always use mobile phone especailly when you are in office. Thank you for sharing such useful guide with us.

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