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All over the web, there are many apps for both Android and iOS. Google Play store is the largest collection of apps where everything is categorized. Choosing any category you will get many free and paid apps. But to find the unique apps for Android is a big task. On every platform for a single task there present many apps that result in confusion which one is to use and which not? All app developers are competing with others to make their application unique and to achieve huge popularity.

Top 10 Unique Apps of 2018

There are millions of apps scattered in many platforms on the web but those are unique, need a try. Without wasting your phone memory with common apps it is recommended to install some unique apps for Android. Here on this content, I have listed many cool and unique apps those which stand alone in terms of functionality and feature they offer. If you want to know in details about unique apps then check the list of Top 10 unique Apps for Android.

All Unique Apps for Android-Updated

Caast Me:

You might have heard lots of linking apps those allow you to link to other devices to share any files. But what you have heard and what you are using are all platform-based app. Means if similar apps are present on receiver mobile then only you can send files. But CaastMe comes with a unique feature which allows you to share the link to any web pages to any Android device or any desktop by just installing this app on the sender device.

Top 10 Unique Apps For Android


While you are working on your smartphone some smartphone screen turn off. To fix this issue Samsung adds a feature on their handset that detects eyes which make sure that display never turns off.  It is an inbuilt feature but those are facing still this problem on another handset brand can use this unique app Kinscreen. This app is slightly different from Samsung application as this app detects sensors on the screen instead of detecting retina or eyes.With the help of sensor, detecting features your screen never turns off while holding your smartphone.

Top 10 Unique Apps


Text messaging is a simple and easy route to communicate with your friends and partners. You all might have sent many text message to many and on the message you have used many words. If you want to know how your communication and words are evolving by text messaging then you need to try this app. On this app, you can graphically visualize the number of times of words you used commonly.

10 Unique Apps For Android


When there is sudden power cut or when you traveling to a remote area then torch remains essential equipment. But today maximum people are using Smartphone torch which comes inbuilt with all smartphones. If you want to try a unique torch app on your smartphone then Torchie is a unique one. With a press on the volume down the key, you can activate flashlight. If you are owning a phone without flashlight then it automatically activates screen flash.

Unique Apps For Android

Navbar apps:

This app will make your mobile interface more beautiful. Apart from inbuilt themes, you can try this app as it comes lots of widgets, color and mainly lots of design for the navigation bar.  With the help of this app, you can put colors, widgets, and picture on the navigation bar. The interface of this app is easy and helps all its users with a lot of customizing options to make your interface colorful.

Top 10 Unique Apps Android


A smartphone is all about the apps, those help in making all task easy and quick. Keeping many apps on your smartphone might decrease the performance level by increasing the CPU and battery usage. This app Hermit is a unique one as it let you create a lite app for all website. No need to install any app if you have one and only Hermit app on your handset. Not only it creates a lite app version of a website, you can even customize it as per your choice and requirements.

Top 10 Unique Apps For Android 2018


Automatic reply through text is an Artificial based smart reply which is beautifully presented in this app. With the help of this app, you can reply inline text messages which will show you in the notification center. After you have installed this app on your handset every incoming message will be with two options- Reply and Smart Reply.  This app works same with all messaging and communication apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike and many others.

Top 10 Unique Apps For Android download

Slipstream Music:

It is a very helpful music app when you are in a party. It is impossible to give entertainment to your song playlist. The choice may differ from person to person which is friendly handled by this app. Install this app on everybody device which will help you all to play songs by sharing everyone’s music library simply and easily. The interface of this app is clear which help you to search songs by album and songs.

Top 10 Unique Apps For Android install

News Dictionary:

while you are surfing the net on reading any content online you might have come across many new words. Normally if you have found one and want to know its meaning then Google is the first option. Undoubtedly you will get the right meaning on Google but for this, you need to first copy the text and then paste it into Google. This task is time-consuming and lengthy for which News Dictionary developed. Whenever you get a new word then simply highlight this text and a pop-up window will open with the exact meaning of that word.

Top 10 best Unique Apps For Android

Glimpse Notifications:

Notification is a very important feature of Smartphone which always notifies you of any incoming message or another else.  Normally on notification, you don’t get enough information to decide whether it is urgent or important to look after. But with Glimpse Notification app you will get a brief description of a notification that will help you decide its urgency and importance.

10 best Unique Apps For Android

For every purpose now there is an app and every app seems very identical. Day by day our requirements and necessity increasing and we want some unique that can take care of some different and in a unique way. From millions of app, there are few apps which are developed for some unique task and to deal with some unique issues. You might face many issues and think about an app so that task might become more easy and handy. If so the check some unique and cool apps for an Android smartphone which are listed on this post Top 10 unique apps for Android

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