Top 5 Must-Have Apps On Your New Phone | Download And Install Now

By default, our new smartphones come with the basic app from the manufacturer side. Besides those apps, we need other essential apps for online shopping, social networking, anti-virus, informative, etc. on our new phone. Every app is common for both the Android as well as for iOS devices. Therefore, you can easily download and install them on your phone from your app store. Here on the topic, we will talk about top 5 must have apps on your new phone for both Android and iOS. Many of you may already have ideas about the basic apps that we need most after purchase the new app.

Top 5 must have apps for ios

If some of you are the first smartphone user then you can go through the below recommend apps to complete your needs easily. Generally, there are millions of the apps available in Play Store and iTunes to download for free and paid. These entire apps will fill up the fundamental gaps in using them on your new phone initially. Even you can download them free from the app store according to your need.  So let us have a look at the top 5must-have apps on your new phone from the content below.

Top 5 Must-Have Apps On Your New Phone:

Those apps, which we are going to discuss below, are very common to use on Android and iOS devices too.  You need not install the unnecessary apps on your phone but it is necessary to install the useful items as always to complete your need. Without taking more time let us have a look at the best five apps for both Android and iOS given below.

1. WhatsApp Messenger:

As you, all know that WhatsApp is the most popular and recommended social networking app until now. This is a social networking app which helps us to keep connected with our favorite ones in an ease. You can make free audio and videos calls, send messages instantly to the group and individual ones with the help of internet connectivity. You need not spend money individually to uses these features on WhatsApp Messenger. This app is developed for cross-platform based so you can use it on Android and iOS devices too. Therefore, at first, you can use this app on your new phones after purchase it at the first time.

Top 5 must have apps to download

2. Facebook/Messenger:

Facebook and Messenger are the apps from Facebook Social, which helps you to access your profile and start conversion easily. The Facebook app is used to get the news feeds, check your timeline, notifications, and upload status, story, photos and much more in your account. While the messenger app helps you to directly access the conversations or chat box of Facebook friends without open your account.  It also provides you the instant notification while you receive the new message on Facebook. So overall this is a useful app for the Facebook users to have on their Android and iOS devices.

Top 5 must have apps for Android

3. Flipkart:

Online shopping is an effective way to purchase goods to save our time and money as well. Thus if you also love to shop at online stores then Flipkart is a good option for you. This is an Indian online shopping site, which offers you a huge variety of items to choose from various types of categories as well.They serve you the quality of products and it will deliver at your doorstep with cash on delivery facility. You can get the pre-paid option through net banking, credit cards, coupon codes and many more payment options too. This app is also available for Android and iOS users too.

Top 5 must have apps for phone

4. Microsoft Word:

To create a document instantly for official or business purpose, then you need to have an app to create that doc. from your phone. So Microsoft Word is an app which is available for both the Android and iOS platform to create the document, letter, application, etc. in an easy way. It comes with a predefined template to start ready your document from your phone if you are away from your PC. Thus, Microsoft Word is also a useful app to install on your new phone after purchase it for your use.

Top 5 must have apps in new phone

5. Google Chrome:

Presently this is the total trend of keep connect with internet and get updates and news from all over the world. Depending on this situation, we need to have one web browser, which will give us the fastest browsing experience in all needs. According to us, Google Chrome is the best web browser for both smartphones and PCs as well. Therefore, you can install the Google Chrome from Google Play or iTunes for completing your needs. Sometimes this app comes pre-installed on Android phones. However, if it is not present with your new phone then feel free to install it from App store.

Top 5 must have apps for windows

Final Words

So finally, we want to tell you that after purchase the new phone, these above apps will help to satisfy your primary needs. Besides that, you can also install Xender to share large files instantly, Video Players, Music Player and much more from your app store.  It seems that most users need the above top listed app in their new phone at first. Hope you all are satisfied with the information given here about top 5 must have an app on your new phone for Android as well as for iOS too.

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