Tinder Without Facebook – Use Latest Tricks of 2018

If you are looking for dating someone, then you must have apparently chosen the Tinder app. Tinder has a lot of popularity in the social platform and the app is all about dating. Tinder without Facebook is the most common query of the Tinder users. That’s because Tinder allows users to sign-up with facebook accounts only. As a result, the privacy of your online dating gets shared on Facebook. As a Tinder user, you must have faced the problem, right? If yes, then here is good news for you, my friend. Here in this article, we have provided different tricks to use Tinder without a facebook account.


Using the detailed guide, you can sign in on Tinder without a facebook account, change the name, age, and other details. So read the article from top to bottom to know more about Tinder, advantages & disadvantages of using Tinder with a facebook account, and then the latest tricks of 2018 for using Tinder without facebook.

Everything You Need to Know About Tinder


As you know Tinder is a top-most dating app and it provides location-based services, it means, it brings all the online users of your locality or your current location together. The best thing about Tinder is that it brings all the users according to their likes. If you like cricket, then it will suggest you all the cricket lovers together. All you need is to swipe right the pictures to send a request or swipe left to reject. After this, if the user swipes your picture on right, Tinder will give you the option to chat with them.

That is why, the tagline of the Tinder dating site is “Swipe, Match, Chat, & Date”. It is very simple, yet very interesting to meet the correct partners with same choices or like. If you have any doubt about the likes or interests of your desired people, Tinder will help you out in such situations. Simply swipe right, Tinder will examine the interests of that person and let you know whether you both have same interests or not?

Today, more than 25 million people are using Tinder on each day, to date the perfect partner. You can also use the service on your Android, iOS, and Windows computer/PC.

Well, whatever you use for browsing Tinder, the common thing that you will face is the sign-up with a Facebook option. Tinder has put the condition for different purposes. But it has both the advantages and disadvantages of signing up Tinder with facebook. Below we have discussed them. Keep reading.

Advantages of using Tinder with Facebook Account

Though many users do not like signing-up on Tinder with a Facebook account, it has many advantages. Here we have added all the advantages. They are:

  • Today there are many bots, cat-fishers, hackers, and other anti-social elements. That is why Tinder uses the Facebook Log-in method to find out the fake and true caller on site. In this method, Facebook is very useful. It authenticates all the users by its different authentication tactics. Hence signing up with Facebook reduces the probability of spam on Tinder.
  • Signing up on Tinder with Facebook accounts brings convenience for the users. If you sign up with a facebook account, then there is no need to type all the details and interests of yours. Tinder simply collects all your basic details including age, education, current city, hometown, etc. from your Facebook You don’t even need to memorize different username and password for logging in to Tinder.
  • Facebook helps Tinder to know about your interests, favorite games, favorite personalities, hobbies, and other likes. After that, it simply uses all the details for searching perfect partners with same interests for you. For example, if you like cricket, watching movies, bike riding, and traveling, then Tinder will search and suggest only those people who like the same things.
  • Using Facebook, you can sync your facebook images on Tinder very easily. From profile pictures to general images, all can be imported from Facebook to Tinder without any effort.

Disadvantages of using Tinder with Facebook Account

Along with an advantage, there are many disadvantages too, to use Tinder with Facebook. Below we have mentioned the disadvantages of using Tinder with Facebook account. The disadvantages are:

  • Because of the facebook synchronization, it is often found that Tinder suggests some of the friends of your facebook. It is not something to worry about. Your Facebook friends may have the same interest for sure. But suggesting them on Tinder may not help you out for dating that person.
  • Tinder uses to allow the users to select some friends with whom you want to hang out. It is called “Tinder Social”. If you activate the feature, all your friends will know about whom you are going to date. Tinder introduces the option to keep it fair, but it compromises the users’ privacy.
  • Many of the users have faced that after hiding their Tinder account or stop using it, their accounts have been suggested to others for dating. It is fruitful in many cases, and problematic too.
  • The most irritating thing is that you have to give permission to Tinder to have access to your private information including email id, friends, likes, interests, walls, and others.

How to Use Tinder without Facebook?

There is good news for you all who want to do Tinder login without facebook account because now it is possible. You can now create Tinder account with mobile number and email address only. Want to know how? Keep reading the article and follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Follow:

  1. First of all, Download the Tinder app on your Android or iOS and open it. Or go to the Official Website of Tinder from your browser.
  2. There you will get the sign-up window [pop-up] automatically arises on the screen. If it does not arise automatically, click on “Sign Up Online”. The pop-up window will arise.tinder sign up page
  3. Now click on the “Log In With Phone Number” option.
  4. Another pop-up window will arise which will ask you to provide your phone number. Choose your country code and then give your number.tinder sign up page 2
  5. For phone number verification, an OTP will be sent to your number. Enter it in the box.tinder signup page3
  6. After verification, Tinder will bring the form to fill-up your basic details including Name, Gender, Email-id, Date of Birth, Password, and Profile Picture. Fill up all the queries and then click on “Continue”.tinder sign up page 4
  7. Your Tinder account with Facebook is ready to use. But it will ask permission for verifying your current location. Allow it and then enjoy.

How to Sign Up for Tinder without Facebook – Alternative Way

If there is any problem regarding signing up on Tinder with a Phone number and Email-id, then you have to sign up with your Facebook account. But you can use another trick also. Though it is not a good idea, it can help you to secure privacy from the virtual world. The trick is to create another facebook with less information. Then you can sign up for that Facebook account to enjoy Tinder safely.

But you have to keep it in mind that it is very easy to create another account on Facebook, but very tough to bypass their authentication methods. If you can bypass then it is ok, else you will lose the account.

If there is no problem, you can use the details of your family members or close friends with their permission. If Facebook asks for authentication by image or any document, you can avail them with ease.

Tips for Tinder Users with Facebook Account

For those who have already created their Tinder account with Facebook, we have some tips for you to secure your privacy. Using these tips, you can prevent others from knowing that you use Tinder. Below we have mentioned these tips and their steps, follow them.

If you are a Tinder user with a facebook account, then you can simply hide your Tinder account link from your Facebook account. It will prevent others from knowing that you are using Tinder. To hide Tinder account link, Log-in to your Facebook Go to “Settings” > “Apps” > click on the “Edit” option under Tinder > change the settings of “App Visibility” to “Only Me”. That’s it. Your Facebook friends will not see the Tinder account link on your facebook account.

  1. Further, you can also restrict other apps/ website/ platform like Tinder users to browse to your Facebook account and watch your status and contact information. To do restrict them, Go to “Settings” > then “Privacy” > and change settings of features “who can see my future posts” or “Friend List, Pages, and Like” etc. from “Public” to “Friends” or “Only Me”.
  2. You can also block other websites or apps from getting your information like birthday, current location, education, etc. Simply go to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Apps other Use” > unmark the information that you want to prevent from being shared.
  3. After Facebook, change Tinder account settings Go to “Settings” and “Turn Off” the “Show me on Tinder Social” option. It will not allow others to know about your dating partners on Tinder.

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Final Words

These are all about How to use Tinder without a Facebook account. Here you have also got to know about the Tinder – top online dating site, advantages & disadvantages of signing up Tinder with facebook, and methods to sign up Tinder without facebook. We have also provided some tips for those who have already created an account on Tinder with Facebook so that they can also use Tinder with full privacy. So follow the tricks to use Tinder privately and also share the article with your friends to help them.


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