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StickMount is an Android app which is very important if you are transferring files or data from your Phone to Pendrive or vice versa. When we use our phone for the trip or any occasion, we enjoy and please to take so many pictures and videos to capture and store the moments. But there is also a problem here, as the phone memory space does not allow you to hold so many files. So the ultimate the USB stick comes in to handle the situation. But again, you may also encounter the issue like USB flash drive is not supporting with your Phone via USB OTG. And the solution for such problems is to download StickMount APK for Android.

Most of the USB Stick does not support with all the phone and Android having lower than version 3 always faces troubles to connect. There is always the problem in mounting which can cause you disconnection with the Phone and USB flash drive. So here with the help of StickMount, this actually works as a universal controller for all the OTG USB cable making them compatible with all the devices.

stickmount apk download

When you face problems often with the USB stick and flash drive connection, then you should have the StickMount APK app download on your phone. They are free to download and easily available to download and install on your Android phone.

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How to download StickMount APK on Android phone

For easy and smooth mounting, you should download this app on your phone. With the help of this app you can easily transfer any file and also large file from phone to Pendrive You can get this app free on your Android device by downloading this app.

So let us now start with the tutorial for downloading StickMount App.  But before you start, you should first make quick changes in the device setting. Unless you change the setting, your device will not accept the APK file to install on your phone. To make the changes, follow the below steps-

Go to Device Setting> Security> Device Administration> enable Unknown Source.

Now, you are free to download and install StickMount APK on your Android device.

Steps to Download:

For quick and install download and installation, get the APK file from the below-shown steps.

Step# 1: 

First, you should make sure you have enabled the Unknown Source. Next, you have to download the StickMount APK file.  To download the APK file click on the below-given link. Next, you will be redirected to the APK store for downloading the file. Look for the latest version and download the APK file. Download process might take a moment depending on the internet speed.

Click here to download

Step #2:

Now open the downloaded APK file which is located in the download folder of your phone. Finally, click on the APK and it will automatically start installing the app.

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Features of StickMount APK App

StickMount App has useful features which would help you to mount or unmount USB flash drive easily to make the unbreakable file or data transfer. And also there are more awesome features which you should know to use the app to its extreme.

Key Features are-

  • Quick Transfer
  • Automated Mount or Unmount included
  • Different Languages supported
  • Easy to manage

download stick mount

How to get started with StickMount APP

Well, it is very easy to use the StickMount app on your Android smartphone. But you will need the following equipment to use the app.

  • OTG USB Stick
  • Flash Drive
  • Rooted Android Smart phone

Important Note: This app can only be used only when your phone is rooted. You should first root the device before you open and use the App.

Steps to Use StickMount App

  • First of all, you should connect OTG USB cable attached to the flash drive.
  • Now click on the installed StickMount App.
  • Click on OK button to proceed.

install stickmount apk

  • Now, this will take a moment but soon it will show, Mounting is Success dialog to ensure devices have been successfully connected.
  • Next, enter into the File explorer on your phone and select the flash drive. (Make sure you write a unique name for identifying the flash drive)
  • Finally, you will find the flash drive memory and start collecting the file or transfer between two devices.

stickmount android

Troubleshooting problems:

Most of the device like Nexus are especially compatible with using StickMount, while on some Android device there might be some problems in connecting between two devices. But for successful Mounting and using the App, you should firstly root the android device.

There is also a case with the device-cable connection, you should also check of the USB OTG Cable is properly attached to the flash drive. You don’t have to go for a specific Flash drive, you can easily get a connection with the phone to flash drive when the cable is placed in a right manner.

If you still find a problem in connecting, then you should finally reinstall the app. Uninstall the app and download the StickMount again to make sure, you get the newest version. Due to new updates, there might also be a problem in the connection between the devices.


stickmount android


  • Free to download
  • App size less than 5 MB
  • Easy to manage and fast file/data transfer


  • You have to Root your device
  • Often issue with connection is observed


So these are the complete details for download  StickMount Apk for Android. For the best and easy transfer of files from your phone to Pendrive can be done with ease using the OTG cable but to make sure the device is connected smoothly, you must install StickMount App. While you also have to make sure to root your android device as because the app would not work until the device is rooted.

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This is a very important app if you have to transfer file quickly without the help of a laptop and thus saving time and enjoy taking more picture on your trips. Download the app now.

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