How to Record iPhone Calls with Call Recorder Cydia Tweak

Technology has developed a various app for iOS with its useful features and among them call recording is one of the features designed for iPhone. One of the amazing things that you can do with iPhone is to record iPhone calls with the help of recorded Cydia tweak App.
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Recording iPhone calls with recorded Cydia calls seems to be new and something interesting. Though call recording has been considered as illegal, this app has come over to fulfill the wants and wish of those who long to get this app on your iPhone.

Call recording has been possible on iPhone with the jailbreak of recorder Cydia tweak App on iOS. So, iPhone users, who are keen to know on how to record iPhone calls with recorded Cydia tweak App, here you are on the right page, as in this article I am going to share with you the procedures to record iPhone calls with recorder Cydia tweak.
To record, iPhone calls with recorder Cydia tweak

Cydia Tweak for Call Recording

The first tips to recording iPhone calls with recorder Cydia tweak are that you have to install Cydia tweak App on your iOS device  but one thing is clear that only a jail broken iOS device becomes capable to install Cydia tweak, in  the following procedures, they are:

  • Search tweak on Cydia
  • Tap to install Cydia tweak
  • Then click on “install” option as appeared on the top
  • Then tap on “Confirm.”
  • Then Cydia will be downloaded and installed

So, after installing Cydia tweak, you can now record iPhone calls with recorded Cydia tweak. But do you know how to record it? If no, then here are the tips to do so.

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The second step is to obtain a call recorder Cydia tweak in the following procedures:

  • Open Cydia store
  • Click on manage
  • Then goes to source and edit
  • Type HTTP:// source
  • Add repo on your iPhone
  • Search for “call recorder” tweak on Cydia or
  • Tap the repo on your iPhone.

After you install call recorder Cydia tweak in your iPhone by following the above procedures, you will be able to record iPhone calls. When you start recording a call on call recorder tweak, a voice notification will be delivered to the person receiving a record that a call has been recorded.
But this function is not the same on all the device of iOS, on iPhone 4 you have to on the speaker to record a call, while on iPhone 5, recording is possible on both the person speaking and the person receiving. Call recorder is not available in the old model of iPhone and call recorder is well-suited to iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, 5S, iPhone 4S jailbroken on iOS 9, iOS9.0.1, etc
So, these are the procedures you can follow to record iPhone calls with the help of call recorder Cydia tweak.

If you are iPhone users, you can enjoy this exciting feature of iPhone call recording, but you have to use it with care and caution as call recording is considered an illegal according to law. If you like the article, share it with your friends, families, colleagues, near and dear ones and also do comment for any queries.

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