Top 5 Photo Editing Apps For Android 2018

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app that we all are well aware of. And nowadays it has become a kind of trend for people to upload pictures on Instagram. Some people just go ahead and upload raw images whereas most people need to edit the pictures and then upload the image. And we all know that edited pictures are way better than the raw images and for this, we need Photo Editing Apps.

Photo Editing Apps for android

It is not possible for everyone to edit pictures on PC/Laptop with Photoshop and then upload it to Instagram or any other social media. Photo Editing Apps for Android come into play here as they provide people with the easiest way to edit photos on their Mobile devices. Some of these apps even have the features by using which you can easily cast the edited image to the Social media that you want.

Top Photo Editing Apps For Android 2018:

Here, I have compiled a list of some of the best Photo Editing Apps that you can download and use on your device. The Apps are quite easy to use and they have been said to among the very photo editing apps available out there. Check the compiled list down below.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

I am quite aware of the fact that there are lots of people who only think that Photoshop is the best. Well, Adobe Photoshop Express is a miniature version of the PC version. This offers nearly all the basic features that are available with the original photoshop. Apart from these, it also has a bunch of free presets that you can use. But suppose that you want some premium presents then you can buy them online. I can assure you that this is one of the top Photo Editing apps that you can use.

best Photo Editing Apps

Adobe Lightroom CC:

If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop then you would know about Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is an upgraded version of Adobe Photoshop or it can be said that it is the software that Pro’s use. Well, Lightroom is available for mobile devices too. Though this app might not have all the features that it’s parent software has but it has all the basic features. It also provides you with some of the presets but if you want premium presets then you need to purchase those.

top Photo Editing Apps


I have been using this app for the past 2 years and I haven’t faced a single issue with this app. if you have trust issues then I can assure you that this app could be trusted as this has been produced and developed by Google. Keeping that aside, every feature available in this app is available for free and not just that the app itself is available for free. There are lots of features of this app and a lot of premium presets are also present in this app. The app also comes with some custom presets that you can easily apply without going through any hectic process or if you are feeling lazy.

top best Photo Editing Apps


Pixlr Express:

This is one of those apps that I started using when I was trying to learn Photo Editing. The app is very suitable for beginners and it’s quite simple to use too. There are lots of options that make editing easy for you and besides these the app has some nice presets too that allow you to add a professional touch to the photos that you edit. There are some in-app purchases which allow you to make your photos better. The app is available for free on Google Play Store. Just get that app and you will know what I am talking about!

Photo Editing Apps of 2018


This is not the typical big bird cages that you are thinking about. Aviary is a photo editing app that you can use to give your edited images a professional look. Well, some of you might ignore this app just because it’s like a no one on this list of top photo editing apps. But I can assure that you will be quite amazed by all the features that are provided by this app. In fact, I was quite surprised after using it for the first time. The UI is quite smooth and editing photos here is quite easy as well.

Photo Editing Apps for ios

All the apps mentioned in this list are among the top apps that you can come across. But if you were to pick one among all these apps then I would you to choose Snapseed. Looking at everything that Snapseed offer, I would say that Snapseed is the best mobile Photo editing app that is available now. I hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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