Nokia 6 Pros and Cons: Should You Pick or Kick Nokia 6!!

After its newest Nokia 6 launch, Nokia is back on the track again. I have reviewed Nokia 6 Pros and Cons in this article. Every smartphone manufacturer should be in trouble from now, as Nokia recently launched its new Android smartphone Nokia 6.

Nokia 6 launched in China only and expected to be launched for global very soon. Nokia has been tickling its fan for a while to be releasing an Android-based smartphone, as expectations and rumors newly launched Nokia 6 not a flagship phone from Nokia but a mid-range smartphone with almost flagship 6 pros and consBut this new Nokia 6 had launched at 1699CNY in China, and this can definitely compete for most of the smartphone in the market out there. While most were thinking Nokia is a history in the smartphone market, but they are back with their gorgeous looking mid-ranger smartphone.

Non-China resident has to wait for the global release of Nokia 6. To be frank, if you were looking for a mid-range phone then Nokia 6 could be your perfect choice but wait; let me show some pros and cons of Nokia 6 in my review. And you will come in concern price prediction out of China.

Nokia 6  Pros and Cons Review: Giant Mobile Manufacturer is Back!!

King is back to conquer its field but do you think Nokia can match the features requirement of current users? Well, let me answer you with it’s recently launched Nokia 6. Does Nokia 6 worth buying for you? Here is the complete Nokia 6 review for you. So, let’s check out Nokia 6 pros and cons in this full review.

Nokia 6 Design and Build Concept:

Design wise Nokia 6 is at its peak; this Nokia Android device reflects the design of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  And I would say, the design of Nokia 6 is perfectly mashup of popular designs. Despite good looking Nokia 6 does come with Aluminum 6000 body construction, and it has a 7.8mm thickness; yes, it is slim enough to feel good in your hand.

Nokia 6 Design and Build Pros:

  1. Solid body construction with full Aluminum 6000 body.
  2. Nokia 6 display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.
  3. Gorgeous looking physical design.
  4. Bazelless design looks quite impressive.
  5. Not that heavy compared to other 5.5″ inches smartphone; it’s possible for one-hand usage.

Nokia 6 Design and Build Cons:

  1. Nokia 6 doesn’t get a unique design; it is a mashup of the most popular smartphone design.
  2. It does come in one color variant only. Yes, only black; if you don’t like black color then this not going to impress you.

Nokia 6 Camera Review:

Nokia 6 can take photos at the highest 16MP resolution with its rear camera and an 8MP camera for a selfie. Being a Nokia fan, you should know that Nokia can do better in the camera department. And yes, this is the best mid-range camera smartphone that you can afford. Both rear and selfie camera can take decent photos.Camera Nokia 6 pros and cons

Nokia 6 Camera Review Pros:

  1. Great rear camera with dual-tone LED flash.
  2. Outdoor camera quality is decent. So, if you are looking for a camera phone in the mid-range segment then I think you should pick a Nokia 6.
  3. 8MP front camera; the perfect choice for selfie freak 84’ wide-angle lens that can take good selfies.

Dual-tone flash can help to capture natural like photos in low-light conditions.

  1. For videography, there is a dedicated mic (this mic feature for noise cancellation).

Nokia 6 Camera Review Cons:

  1. The front camera is fixed focus, and it’s not that wide with just 84’ capturing angle.
  2. No front-firing flash for a selfie in low-light condition.
  3. It can’t take a good picture in low-light with a selfie camera.

Nokia 6 Display Review:

Nokia 6 is a phablet Android smartphone that sports 5.5-inch full-HD display. Nokia 6 comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection with the gorgeous 2.5D curved display. The screen brightness can reach up to 450nits, and it can offer a high viewing- angle.

Nokia 6 Display Review Pros:

  1. The display is sharp and vibrant with natural color reproduction.
  2. 5.5” inches display is perfect for a game lover, watching videos and for other usual stuff.
  3. Borderless and 2.5D curved glass display looks impressive while watching videos.

Nokia 6 Display Review Cons:

  1. The display is not AMOLED.
  2. 450nits maximum display brightness is not suitable for outdoor visibility.

Nokia 6 Performance Review:

Performance is a big concern for most smartphone users. Nokia 6 never going to disappoint in terms of performance, as this comes with Octa-core Qualcomm 64-bit Snapdragon 430 chips. Its GPU is Adreno 505 for better gaming. For seamless multitasking, Nokia has added 4GB RAM in this device, which is a great deal in this price range.Performace Nokia 6 Pros and cons

Nokia 6 Performance Review Pros:

  1. Thought, the chipset given in the Nokia 6 is quite outdated still it can run high-intensive games smoothly.
  2. 4GB RAM under $250 is a great deal, and it ensures you for better multitasking with better memory management.

Nokia 6 Performance Review Cons:

To related Nokia 6 pros and cons; I have never noticed any performance glitch in Nokia 6. For this price range, I would say, Nokia 6 is a great performer undauntedly. And didn’t face any performance issue using Nokia 6 till date.

Nokia 6 Storage Review:

64GB internal memory included in Nokia 6 and for future expansion, you can add extra Micro-SD card up to 128GB.

Nokia 6 Storage Review Pros and Cons:

  1. Expandable memory is a good option to have, though you get a huge 64 GB internal memory with this cheap price range. Nokia 6 is the only smartphone in the market to offer 64GB internal memory at this cheaper price.

Nokia 6 Battery Review:

Nokia’s first Android smartphone Nokia 6 is powered by a 3000mAh battery. Nokia has promised it to last a day easily. But in my personal usage, it doesn’t even last until evening with my normal gaming, social network activities, etc.

Nokia 6 Battery Pros and Cons:

  1. As other competitors giving better battery capacity or it is a big concern for the most smartphone user, the battery could have been better.
  2. The battery is non-removal in Nokia 6, which might distract some buyers.

Other Important Nokia 6 Pros and Cons Reviews:

Fingerprint Sensor: For better encryption, Nokia has added a biometric fingerprint sensor that is embedded in the physical home button. The sensor is quite responsive and fluid that can unlock your device before a second. You can encrypt your data using a fingerprint sensor; this is a good implement from Nokia to stay in the battle with its competitor.

Dolby Speaker: Nokia doesn’t even want to disappoint music freaks, as they have featured dual-speaker that can give a decent and loud audio output. I would say, this is one of big advantage of Nokia 6.

Nokia 6 Pros and Cons: Conclusion

Nokia 6 is the first Android smartphone from Nokia after great loss faced by choosing Windows Mobile OS. Nokia 6 does offer an impressive overall experience in its price stage. For mid-range buyers, this is one of a big impression in the market right now. Nokia 6 has some pros and cons, as I have mentioned above in a specific way. I hope you will find this article helpful buying Nokia’s first Android smartphone and you might have had concerns about Nokia 6 Pros and Cons. For me, Nokia will remain form in the Android ecosystem, as Nokia 6 has done an impressive bump in the mobile market. Coming through the overall feature reviews, Nokia 6 is a definite buy for you in the mid-budget segment.

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  1. This is the first Nokia Android phone, I guess it will be better enough in affordable budget. But will it be better then Samsung android phones ???

    • Debasish Debbarma says

      in this price range, Samsung Galaxy Nxt and Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime are the relevant competitors…. both these Samsung devices offer almost same configuration in the same price range… But if you bored of using Samsung devices, Nokia 6 can be your special dish to have

  2. Hi Debashis,
    Nice reading after Nokia 6 pros and cons ;
    when it will be coming in India?

    • Debasish Debbarma says

      Hi Pradan,
      happy that you liked Nokia 6 Pros and Cons…

      there is no official announcement yet, so we can’t tell about its releasing date….

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