10 Must have Apps For iPhone For Whole New Experience

Android users always arise question for the customization ability of iOS smart devices. Yes, actually iPhone users are limited when it comes to customization like Android experience. Apple keeping the things almost same also don’t allow a user to change viewing experience. At this cost, users get steady OS than Android, which is not to forget again.

10 must have apps for iOS user

There are some apps can give an iPhone a whole new experience. This may sound a little weird to some iPhone users but it is actually. An Android device user jumping into the iOS device can use many apps, which are not available in Android eco-system.

Though it feels nice to use iPhone for its simplicity and consistency power, some of the users definitely like to have changed iPhone. For those users, we have listed out 10 must have apps for iPhone for whole new experience on their iPhone.

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10 Must Have Apps for iPhone for Whole New Experience

If you are thinking about to have a launcher for your iPhone then forget about it, at least till now. Well, I am narrating to the apps those comes with new experiences or who wants to explore unique apps on their iPhone or iOS device.

1. Pimp Your Screen:

You don’t say launcher for an iOS smartphone but Pimp Your Screen an iPhone-oriented app. With this app, you get plenty of Wallpapers for iPhone. Not just wallpaper but also lock screen picture can be picked with this app. So, this is really going to change the whole look of your iPhone. Moreover, add-ons like calendar, various overlays also can apply with Pimp Your Screen app. With its search bar, easily your desired wallpaper can be searched. Pimp Your Screen app comes with an integrated editor that helps to edit wallpaper quickly. Apart from that, it allows you choosing native photos to set for your Home Screen. Change the experience with this app, which can be download for $1.99 in Apps Store.

pimp your screen app

2. Workout Book:

Unlike other workout apps, the concept of this health tracking app is a way different. It keeps all record of your workout and can be checked out all of them daily basis or monthly basis on the go. All of your past workout related can be access right from your Home Screen or from Notification Widget. In this app, you can set diet target or workout target. With customizable color options, all things can be highlighted so that nothing going to be missed. The app UI of this app is quite awesome and this is another good reason to have this app on your iPhone. Keeping all the thing unlike other apps, the developer shows up some creativity in Workout Book Mobile Design.

workout look

3. Camera+:

To feel a whole new experience rather than default camera app. Just invest $2.99 buck and shoot like a pro. Usually, this app is not available for the Android users and a popular app for the iOS platform. Some pro features of this make must have an app on your iPhone device. To shoot snaps like a pro, you get advanced features, macro mode, continuous flash, 6x zoom and much more. If you love mobile photography with your iPhone then this would give a whole new experience.


4. Opinion Podcast:

The podcast has become essential for the most online users. How about creating your own podcast content and help other sharing to the world. Opinion Podcast is a iOS exclusive app to generate your own podcast. With a common interface this app, creating a podcast is so easy with it. Soon after creating a podcast content, you can directly share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, SoundCloud. Also, your podcast can be added to iTunes’ own podcast directory. Most importantly, it is free to download from App Store.

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opinion podcast

5. Clear

To-do task list apps are being complicated rather than being helpful to you. Yes, most of the user might like the features packed note or memo app. But if you are not one of them then the Clear app is for you. Unlike its name, it is to clear and simple. With all the basic features, the Clear app is simple to use. Even easier to hold a pen and paper for its easy UI. The Clear app is supported with Apple Watch reminding you all task; so, there is no chance to miss a memo. To download this app, it will cost you $4.99 only.

clear app

6. Waze:

Making a long trip? Or as a traveler, Waze is a must have an app on your iPhone. Get it now for free of cost on iPhone and track every traffic of your route. By setting a destination it can guide you a shorter route for your trip. Besides, Waze can also notify you nearby traffic police, accident area, road construction, and road with a red-light camera. Hence, it makes a road journey more secure. And this is why it a  recommended app for you and explore whole new thing with Waze.


7. Swiftkey:

If you just bored with the default iOS keyboard then download this highly rated keyboard. This comes on the top when listing best keyboard for Smartphones. This keyboard has the ability to memorize your typing, which generates every a perfect prediction while you typing. With a lot of eye-popping free themes, you can even customize keyboard beautifully. It also allows you changing the layout of the keyboard. Apart from that swipe typing and auto prediction works really well with it. You won’t be charged downloading Swiftkey on your iPhone.


8. 1Password:

With our shuffle time schedule remembering all accounts password is like a challenge us. As recommended password sometimes we struggle to remember it and ended up regenerating a new password. Make all password to one password with the 1Password app. This app going to remember your all password, all you need to remember the password for this app. So, if frequently forgot your password, download 1Password app for free in App Store.


9. Magisto:

If you have some super cool videos to share on SNS then why don’t you try Magisto. It should make more convenient your videos and make like a pro edited. In this app, you don’t have to edit manually. It is just simple to get an amazing video just uploading to Magisto server and they will provide your video with a perfect editing output. So, if you don’t have time to edit videos, just download Magisto for free and enjoy pro-looking videos.

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10. Weather Tile:

Give some new look to your iOS device with the Weather Tile app. The app is inspired by the Windows OS tiles. This is a weather generating an app for the iOS system. It comes with Widget with 6 tiles, allowing you to get instant information of weather from 6 places at the same time. Especially, it’s 6 tiles look gives a new eye-catching experience to your iPhone Smartphone. To add a new look in your device and for a weather widget, download Weather Tile from App Stor for free now.

weather tile

Besides the launcher, there are some cool ways to experience new things with your iPhone. Even though Android users get more customization, these mentioned apps make Android users jealous. So, try them out on your iPhone or iOS device and experience something new. Let me know, which is your most favorite app from these apps by commenting below.

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