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Making money is easy nowadays with Money Earing Apps that are available for smartphones. Yes, I am talking about all those apps that can help you earn a little more every single day. So if you are thinking about earning a little more to pay for your daily expenses on the internet, get discount on Amazon or Walmart then this article can definitely help you. Today we will talk about 5 best money earning apps that can help you earn real money by performing some task given by the application. Get surveys, videos to watch ads on skips and much more fun ways to earn money.

These apps are really fun to use, so if you are thinking that using these apps would be boring, then let me tell you that you will definitely enjoy using these apps and make money at the same time. These list of apps aren’t fake so don’t worry about losing the money at all as you will be able to redeem or cash out the money when you want to or when you reach a specific redeemable or cashout limit. So without further delay let us have a look at the list of the 5 best money making apps that you can get right now on your device to earn money.

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List of the top 5 best money making apps:

1. iPoll:

First on this list of best money making apps is the iPoll app. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices users. iPoll is really easy to use, as you will need to select the type of survey you want to take from and then you will be offered by a survey that takes 15minutes to complete.


The best thing about this app is that you can use the money you earned here to spend on gift cards, aeroplane tickets, magazine. You can easily earn $1 for each survey and more from some. And as soon as you have $35 then you can redeem the money as real cash on your account as simple as it is.

2. Slidejoy:

This is probably the best app that you can choose from and enjoy while earning money. This application can help you earn $5 to $154 every month by simply making your Lock screen into an AD center.

You will be offered with ads that you can skip or chose more ads to view to earn more money. So with this app you will pay money for watching ads on your device screen. Redeeming the money you earned with Slidejoy is really easy, all you need to do is link account or paid places where you can spend the money and then you can spen on the go.

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3. AppTrailers:

Next, on our list is the AppTrailers money making an app. This app is really easy to use, as all you have to do is watch and skip ads of a new app that is available to choose from. You don’t have to download them at all, so you can easily earn points for watching a 30sec app video,

The lowest you can earn here is 50 cents and you can redeem the money through PayPal easily which means you can get the cash directly to your bank account which is the plus point of this app. The best part is that there is no earning limit, so if you can you can earn huge money just by streaming ads on your phone.

app trailers

4. Clashot:

Love taking photos wherever you go? Well then if you want to make photography your profession then this app can help you do it. With Clashot you can take pictures of your surroundings such as food, cities, art or any other unique or creative things and upload them to Depositphotos. If you are lucky you can sell thee photos from 50cent to $8 of worth each.


The app is available for both Android and iOS devices to make the most use of your smartphone camera, take mesmerizing photos and sell them for high prices to your customers. This is probably the most entertaining way to earn money using apps, as everyone now have a good camera phone in hand.

5. Pact:

Well, a Pact is a pact, right? With PAct app for iOs and Android, you will need to meet up with fitness goals like exercising and eating healthy. And if you get to win the pact then you will be offered with rewards of 30cent to $5 every week depending on the pact you choose.


All the activities or goals that are set and will be tracked through photos, GPS, and other ways so if you don’t meet up to any of the challenges that you choose, then you will be fined on the money you earned.

So these were the list of the top 5 best money making apps that you can get right now to earn a little extra money right now. All these apps are already free to use so all you need to do is sign up or register to transfer or safeguard your money for withdrawal. these apps are free to use as well as legal to use so you have to worry about losing your money when it comes to withdrawal or redeeming. If you have liked any of these apps then let us know in the comment section below. Also if you have any app that offers money making option then let us know to feature the app on our list.

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