Manually update from iPad to any iOS firmware

Recently apple release manually update from iPad to any iOS firmware for iPhone, iPad and ipad touch, updates from small security to full versions of operating system.Recommended updates are the latest versions which are available to keep your iPhone secure and which gets full access to latest features updates. In your device download and install the updates directly or using iTunes for all the apple devices.

How to manually update ipad to any iOS firmware using iPhone, iPad or IPod:

Here are the tips to manually update ipad to any iOS firmware using iPhone, iPad or iPod:

Step 1: Data backup-

Before your start the updates, it is important to keep data backup in case if your data get erased. Backup your important data to iCloud by opening the app settings.                                       

Select <iCloud> then tap on <Back up now> your data uploading will begin shortly to iCloud.


Manual update




Step 2:  Free space availability-

while updating iOS directly on your device make sure you have some free space available to store the update files. The required space is the update version.

Generally, for updates like 8 or 9 will require large amount of space for the updates. For iOS version 8.0, 8.1 and 9.1, which requires around 4.5 GB of storage is a significant chunk of space. Choose the app settings and select <General>.  Now select <Usage>and the <Available storage> to free up space. If you move any photo from your iPhone to the computer, that free up several GB of storage.

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Step 3: Freed up space-

In case if you do not have enough space clear your storage memory before updating your iOS device. There are many other ways to free up space. Delete some of the apps which you don’t use much. Transfer all the media files like photos which usually occupies lots amount of space. In this way, you can free up space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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Step 4: Wireless network-

iOS updates are very large in size. So, you need to connect a wireless network for downloading the updates. Put your iOS device in a charging mode during the update to make sure the downloading does not get interrupted by battery drainage.




Step 5 Setting<app> and setting <General> –

When you freed up sufficient space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can start downloading and start the install updates. Make sure your phone is connected to a wireless network.




Step 6 Software Update-

Your device will detect automatically if there is any software update available, you will receive a notification of the downloading file size. If there are no notifications that means there are no software updates on your service.




Step 7 Select by tapping to Download and install the updates:

This process may take longer downloading updates while installing large size files. Just tap on to download and install the updates by agreeing to the terms and conditions.











Step 8 when do you to Install the update:

Installing the update comes up with several options. When do you want to install the update, well you can install the updates overnight before go to bed by tapping on <install Tonight> option or you can tapping the option <Remind me later> to get the prompted again the next day. Tap install for installing the update then the process will begin shortly.




from ipad





Step 9 Installation time for update:

Install the update immediately and then reboot your device soon the update will begin. The progress bar will be seen with a logo after a while then the update process will be completed.




manually updates




10) Finishing the setup process:

The update files after being installed you may be asked to enter your pass code. For updates, you will be given a brief of new features.


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Above mentioned are the few steps for manual updates from iPad to any iOS firmware. If you have any trouble updating following the process. Just let me know by commenting below.


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