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Find a free Ludo King Apk download link for your Android device and play online Ludo with your friends and players around the world. Ludo King game for Android is notoriously increased and it has become another habit for most smartphone users. Refresh you childhood memory with by downloading the King Ludo game on your device. Remember your childhood days? We used to play uncountable games among which the most favorite and popular was Ludo.

It’s an extremely fun game constituting a dice, four castles of the red, yellow, green and blue battalion. Each of the battalions has four soldiers who moved as per the dice commanded them to move. The motive of each battalion is to insert its soldier into the center placed star castle before the enemy battalion soldiers could enter. This page is all about the digitalised version of the game named as Ludo King ludo king apk

The game is basically a maximum four player game. It’s a mind testing game where you need to use your intelligence to protect your soldiers from getting wounded by the enemy soldier. Till here I have informed you the manual game format. Play Ludo online game which is somewhat like this but with some better modifications.

Latest Ludo King Apk Download: Things to know!

The exciting board game was once played by kings long ago. Gradually it has turned the attention of the commoners. Ludo King online game is same as your childhood Ludo game, which you can play now on your device. Unlike before, it also comes with Snake and Lader games along with. This classic board game is developed by Gamotronix, which you can download on iOS, Android Smartphones.

You might be interested in Ludo King free download but before giving you the details about Ludo King APK Download the game it’s essential for you to know about its exciting features.

Ludo King for Android Download – Compelling Features!

This online Ludo game has kept in front of you the interesting way to spend your free time. The free time or the breaks are necessary for refreshing the overloaded brain.  To enjoy and play with your mind this Ludo King mobile game surely must prove as a boon for you. Before starting with the game down below lie the compelling features of the apk. Also, you will be informed game manual for better understanding.Ludo king online game download

  • It’s a cross-platform game; as it is supported in Desktops or laptops, Android and iOS.
  • It can opt for the private multiplayer mode.
  • You can also opt for online multiplayer mode. So, with your distance friends, you can play Ludo King free by sending then joining code.
  • Online Ludo for Android Game allows you to play with two to four players mode.
  • You have the option to choose your opponent players. They can be either your friends or people from around the world. Also, you can choose a computer to play against you.
  • The concept of the game follows the traditional mechanical one. Each player is given four tokens and must complete the full revolution on the board to reach the finish line.
  • The winning concept is kept simple. The move of each token is decided by the dice.
  • The token can be moved from its initial home position only when it casts six by the dice.
  • The game is critical and interesting by competition when you seek to save your token from the opponent’s token. If the opponent’s token reaches your token square then your token gets out and returns back to the home. To continue the game with that token you need to again roll a six.
  • This immensely enjoyable game also brings with it the version of Snakes and Ladders.

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Ludo King Free Apk Download and Install:

Till now you have confronted the brief review of the app apk and its features and manual to play. Now it’s time to make you know about the steps to download Ludo King apk. Down below is the downloading link for you to enjoy the game as you did in your childhood.Ludo king for PC

You can get this online Ludo game from Google Play Store but if you are looking for its apk version then here is the link down below for your Android device.

[Click Here for Ludo King Game Download]

  • Installation of the Apk file needs slight changes in the Settings of your Android phone.
  • Open the ‘Settings’ menu for the changes to be done.
  • Scroll down through the menu for ‘Security settings’.
  • Find device administration setting and tap ‘Unknown sources’.play Ludo King on Android
  • Your phone is having ‘My File’ folder. There you will find a sub-folder ‘Downloads’ where all the downloaded files get saved.
  • Click on the downloaded file and tap on ‘Install’.
  • Once the installation gets completed you can tap on ‘Open’ to relive your childhood days.

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Check out Ludo King Online Game Play Video Here:

Hence, are the steps for the Ludo King Apk Download. The downloading and installation is completely free and easy. The motive of the digitalisation of the long left out played games is to carry on the connection between your childhood and adulthood. So, Ludo King game download access is given to you by installing it play online Ludo game for free. Let me know if you have any queries regarding Ludo King for Android game download y commenting down below in the comment box. I will be happy to with a helpful answer for your queries.


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