Free Kik for PC Windows 10 Download – Instant Chat App for Your PC

Do you know how to get free download Kik for PC Windows 10? Here is a complete and easy guidance for you to use Kik messenger app on Windows PC. Kik is an android App which you can also now download and use it on your Windows PC. Kik is a new messaging app which comes with many amazing features for getting the best platform for chatting, calling etc. via Kik app.

Most of the time we always use the android apps in our android phone itself, but having the app in our PC is way much fun than using it on our phone. So if you have used enough with your phone, now it turns for you play the app using your Windows PC.Download Kik for PC Windows 10

To use or run Kik for PC is very easy, simply get your PC and install the Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC. And after you have installed the Bluestacks, now you are all ready to use all the android apps in your windows PC. And thus you can also download Kik messenger app for your PC. With the help of Kik for Windows 10 PC, you can send free SMS, calls and much more. So let us now get directly to the tutorial for downloading Kik app for PC for all windows and using the android app on your PC.

Features of the KIK messenger: Kik for PC Windows 10

So after you have successfully downloaded the App on your PC, now you should also know about the features. They have some of the common in other social media app like facebook, Snapchat etc. but also they have some uniqueness too. And speaking of unique feature, Kik contains the Bots which will always talk with you and have fun with you just like you are talking to a normal person. This special feature is added in your Kik App and also you can get more Kik bots in the Bots stores.

Besides, let us see what the features are which makes them better than other social media apps.feature of Kik app for Windows 10 PC

  • Connect with friends, chat one-on-one with them or create group chat and talk with the whole group or you can also talk with the Bot that comes & gives you latest and trending news.
  • Why only text when you can use funny images, Gifs, Stickers, and emojis. No more using only text messages, all you can now use the Gifs and emojis to make your conversation much better.
  • “Talk to Bots” well, you might feel slightly weird when you see a bot is replying you all the time when you are asking questions. They will not only reply you but show you the latest CNN news topics trending in the world, or you can play cross-zero game and also you can play a more interesting game with the bots. You can buy the boots in the Bots store by which you can stay fully amused being with KIK app.
  • Kik QR code- with the help of this feature you can easily get connected with the people using the app and simply scanning your Code you can get connected and enjoy using with your friend or make new friends.

How to Download Kik for PC Windows 10?

Kik App can be easily downloaded in your windows PC and they are also free. But as an android app, it won’t work on your PC until you have the Bluestacks Android Emulator. So first before downloading the Kik android app, get the Bluestacks installed in your PC.

Download Bluestacks Android Emulator

To download Bluestacks is very easy, you don’t have to purchase for this; simply click and get started.

Steps for downloading Bluestacks

  • To download BlueStacks- Click Here
  • Now this will automatically download the exe. File in your PC.
  • Just click the .exe file of bluestacks after you download it on your PC
  • Next, the installation of Bluestacks will start.
  • Once installed, now you have to add your valid Email ID to use the Bluestacks.
  • Finally, you can open the Bluestacks and start downloading any android apps.

Download Kik for PC Windows 10

To download Kik Messenger for PC, you have to open the Bluestacks and click on the Google play store icon. After that, you will enter into the Google Play store app where you can download any apps.

Steps to download Kik App:

  • In the Google Play store via Bluestacks, type and search for Kik messenger
  • Now you will get the list of Kik app, click on Kik app to download.
  • Next, it will automatically download and install the App in your PC via Bluestacks.
  • Now finally open the Kik App and enjoy the free messaging app using your windows PC.Kik for pc windows 10 download

How to Use Kik for Windows PC?

To use the Kik App on your PC, you first download using the above steps. And now after you have installed the app, let us start how to use the app.

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Steps to use Kik App on windows PC:

  • If you have already signed up on your Phone then you can directly login and start using the App. But if not, then sign up first to use the app.
  • To sign up via PC you have to open the Bluestacks and open the Kik App.
  • Now once entered into the app you will have to enter you valid name, Email ID and phone number to start.
  • Once you have added your phone number a verification code will be sent to your number which you have added.
  • Finally, you can now use your Kik messenger on your Windows PC.

So these are the complete details about how to use or download Kik for PC Windows 10. Kik is an app which has the features to talk with the Bots and enjoy all the time even when your friends are not replying. This app has some of the cool tweaks which are better than other social media app to have fun. Also, it gives you safe conversation by which you can keep and store your important images keeping secure from others.

So, download Kik for Windows PC right now and let me know your experience using it on PC. Also, if you find any this article, helped you for getting Kik on your Windows PC then comment below.

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