In recent days, now technology has created a newly upgraded bar, be it Android phones, or smart TV or anything else. Now, mostly in every home LED TV is present as it provides clear resolution, big screen and more entertainment. If you are looking for plentiful package entertainment, then you should go forward to the next level, and that is KODI on Smart TV. Well, some people still do not know about KODI, for them, we would like to say that you do not need to concern as we are going to present every detail about KODI on Smart TV.

Here we will discuss the steps to install the KODI app on the Smart TV as well as we have also provided a few more details about KODI. To know about all these details, you need to read the full article. So, here we go.


KODI is a free streaming app, and the app is finely designed for the fans of TV reality shows, movies, sports, films or any category. Now, you can use KODI like anything as it comes in the market in many shapes and sizes. It depends on you that what you are going to buy as now KODI TVs, KODI Add-ons, even KODI boxes and KODI apps are also available. Moreover, the best part of KODI is that KODI runs on a variety of devices starting from PC, mobile phones, TV set boxes, MAC, Apple TV as well as Amazon Fire Stick TV. KODI is the beneficial app for the users as it provides all the media in one software, and for that, you do not need to browse separately for each press that you want to watch.

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Here, we have mentioned below all the installation steps of KODI on Smart TV so that readers can quickly get to know how to install the KODI app on the Smart TV using Chromecast. So, have a look.


At first, you need to put the Wireless Network of Smart TV is ‘’ON” and it is the first important step which you will always have to remember when you start to install KODI on the Smart TV.


Secondly, you need to connect both your Smartphone as well as the Smart TV together to the same particular Wireless Network.


Next, before you move on to install Chromecast, you need to install the KODI on your Smart TV via Google Play Store. For that, you need to follow some instructions as we are going to mention below:

  • Now, all the latest Android Smart TV comes with Google Play Store option so that users can easily install the apps from the Play Store. Then, you need to go for “Android Box Home” option, there on the menu screen, the “Google Play Store” option is available, which you need to click instantly.
  • Then, they may ask you to create a GMAIL account; if you have any existing GMAIL account, then you do not need to create for the other one. Directly, you can insert “Username” and “Password”.
  • After completing the login part, type the “KODI” on the search bar, once you get the KODI app in the play store, you need to click for the “install” option.
  • Then, go to “Android Box” option, click for “Apps” and select the “KODI” option.



Once, you installed the KODI app on your Smart TV, then connect the Chromecast which is present in the Google Play Store. Go to ‘’Google Play Store’’ app and then search for the ‘’Google Home’’ app as the app is available there. Then, you need to click on ‘’Install’’ option and wait for few minutes till the installation is done.


Next, you need to connect the Chomecast which you have installed on your smartphone to the Smart TV. Now, the upcoming steps are elementary as you will have to open the “Google Home” app on your smartphone and go for the ‘’Cast screen’’ or ‘’Audio’’ option which is available precisely on the front menu. Once, you click on the ‘’Cast screen’’ or ‘’Audio’’ option, you can see the entire mobile screen is coming on your Smart TV.


That’s all; then if you open the KODI app then you can watch HD movies, TV series, reality shows in the big screen of your Smart TV easily.

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  • KODI provides ultra HD video quality.
  • You can watch Live Sports with the latest episodes of the TV series.
  • KODI is available on many different platforms as it supports there and these such platforms are: Windows, Linux, ioS, Android, Xbox as well as Rasberry Pi.
  • It is a very user-friendly app as well as the app is straightforward to use.
  • KODI Provides many entertainment fields like movies, songs, sports, TV shows and many more.


That’s all, we have mentioned all the steps to install KODI on Smart TV. Hope, so now you can able to install KODI on Smart TV as per following the above guidelines. If you follow the above steps correctly, then it will not take time to get established as we have provided the steps clearly so that readers can able to do the quick installation. Well, if you once apply KODI on your Smart TV, then we would like to tell you that you should share the above steps with others as well. So, what you are waiting for? If you want more entertainment, then installing KODI on Smart TV is the best option for you all. Let us know your feedback regarding the steps and KODI apps on the Smart TV in the below comment section box.