How to unblock SBI ATM card? Unblock With Your Mobile Easily

SBI gives the best service to its customers by offering a more complex platform for banking. In this post, I will tell you how to unblock SBI ATM card, if in case you have blocked the card earlier. Well, normally you block the ATM card only when you lost it. So, you might be willing to know the convenient way to unblock the card after you find it.How To Unblock SBI ATM Card?

How to block your SBI ATM card?

You can block your SBI ATM Card online by visiting the website by entering your password and username. Enter and click on the option E-Services and click the ATM Card Services where you will find the Block ATM option.

You can enter the account numbers which you want to block and write the remarks and click to Submit.  Your will successfully block your ATM by now. You can also block your ATM card through SMS as well. So, you can do it as BLOCK XXXX(last four digits of your card) and send to 567676.

You can also block your SBI ATM card through voice call to the customer care. You will be asked few details like account number and name of the holder, etc. Finally call to the given number 1800112211 or 18004253800 to block your ATM card.

Various reasons for your SBI ATM card to get blocked:

There are various random reasons for your ATM card to get block completely and here I will mention some of the valid reason for the same.

  1. Your card may get blocked due to incorrect pin entered more than thrice, and it will get blocked for 24 hours.
  2. Sometimes you might knowingly block your Debit Card because you lost it. In such case, you have to leave an application to the branch manager for unblocking.
  3. You might still use the Maestro card and which has expired long back. So, you will need to unblock it as after not using it for several months it might have got blocked.
  4. Your ATM card might get block due to low balance which cannot afford to pay the annual fees. This result in the block of your debit card and for that you will need to visit the branch and get new a new card.
  5. Your debit card might get blocked after the expiry date gets over. Moreover, you will be given a new ATM card 3 months before the expiry. So, is such case visit your nearest post office for the arrival of a new ATM card.

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How To unblock SBI ATM card?

For unlocking your SBI ATM card, you will need to contact the branch manager along with an application. You can mention your ATM card number, validity date, etc. in the application except for the pin number and submit it.  The bank will provide you with the new password or else provide you with the new debit card. You just need to wait for few days for activating your blocked ATM card or for the arrival of new ATM card.

So, you might have known by now how to unblock SBI ATM card. So, the reason for unblocking your SBI ATM card may differ, but in this post, I have provided the common solution to all those. Thus, you can easily enjoy all the features provided by SBI ATM card now instantly.

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