How To Share Files On Google Drive? Simple Steps To Be Followed

Know here how to share files on Google Drive. You may know Drive is one of the best Cloud service provider developed by Google. Using it, you can store your movies collection, music playlist, and photos all in one place.  Besides that, you can also upload your documents, and share your files from one device to another. This Cloud service from Google comes up with some of the cool features and has got easy functionality options.

Google Drive provides its users with 15 GB of free storage. However, it can be extended through a paid plan. Overall I can say, you can be able to preserve all your important files on Google Drive for future and further usage. If you are using this Google cloud storage and don’t know how to share files from Drive, then follow this article. how to share files on Google Drive

As a Google product, this comes with many features to be one of the best online storage. Drive files are manageable at the part of privacy and you are able to share every file from Drive storage with your belong. So, let us explore and know how to do share files with your Google Drive.

Features: How To Share Files On Google Drive?

Before we jumping to the section of shared method or how to share files on Google Drive, I would like to introduce you with the offered features of Google Drive. Check out the key features of Google Drive below:

  • Google Drive offers its users a free space of 15GB, and be extend further with a paid plan.
  • You can store your photos, documents, files, videos, and music in one place.
  • Google Drive storage system works with Gmail and Google Photos, so you are able to store files, save the attachment to an email and backup photos directly to drive.
  • Share your files, documents, images, music and videos to other devices.
  • You can create a spreads sheet and make a presentation with apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • You can scan your documents.

How to Share Files on Google Drive?

You might think whether Google Drive allows you to share the folder and file that you have to save it. Yes, Google Drive enables you to do that so. The files which you share with peoples will always view the latest one. In case if you are sharing files on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Form, then you can set as your wills. whether they can control, edit, comment, or only view the documents and files which you have a share.

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How to Share Microsoft Office Files on Google Drive?

To share Microsoft Office files with others peoples, you will need to transform the files into Google Docs, Slides, or sheet. The step below is the methods to share files on Google Drive.

 Step 1: You can share files with someone who has a Google Account.

Step 2: Do open the home screen of Google Drive, such as Google Sheets, Google Drive or else Google Slides.

Step 3: Select and click on the files or document that you wanted to share.

Step 4: Click on share or share + option.

Step 5: Enter the email addresses of the people with whom you wanted to share with.

Step 6: See below what people can perform with your shared files.

Step 7: Set what people can perform with your file

During Sharing Files on Google Drive: Actions to be done

  • View: They can view it but aren’t able to modify or share a file with someone.
  • Comment: They can comment on your files and share their views on it. However, they change or share files with to share files from Drive

Edit: They can modify, accept or reject suggestions, and also share the file with someone

Step 8: If you don’t want to notify people, uncheck ‘’notify people.”

Step 9: Click on the send option, an email will automatically be sent to the people with whom you shared your files with.

Storing your important files like images, official data, documents, videos on cloud storage keeps it safe. No matter even your device is no more with you. You can easily find then in your cloud storage. Hence, here is the Google Drive for to help in this part.

Hope this post is helpful enough to provide you information regarding how to share files on Google Drive. If still, you find any issue sharing files from Drive then leave a comment below in the comment section.


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