How to Increase RAM in Android? Use Pro App To Expand RAM

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander Apk is to increase RAM of your Android device. RAM is a very important part of Android device. If you have a very low RAM, you are sure to face a slow processing device which will not able to run many apps on your smartphone. And if you like playing Android games, then your Android smartphone with low RAM is a disaster for you. Your device will not only slow down but also it will hang up and won’t allow you to use it for few moments. Issues with RAM can never be solved, the only option left is to delete/uninstall all the games or which is degrading the RAM and making it slower. Well, deleting apps/game is not what you really want. So here we are to discuss how to increase RAM in Android using the SD card memory.How to increase RAM on Android smartphone

Hopefully, we always put an external memory into our Android device to increase the external memory or ROM. But in the same manner, just like increasing the ROM you can also increase the RAM using the external SD card. All you need is an additional App- ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP). With the help of this app, you can easily expand the RAM using the micro SD memory card from your device.

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander app will analyze all the data and file present in your phone and give you the exact information. All the memory status will be displayed on your app and will help you find out the solution. Well, here below is the tutorial to download and also use the app to increase RAM in Android smartphones.

How to Increase the RAM in Android Smartphones?

Downloading the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App is the first and foremost process. ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App is a premium app and it will cost up to Rs.150 INR which you have to make App-in-purchase from the Google Play store.

Here below we will discuss in the list of certain procedure that will help you expand the RAM in your android device. And the requirement which you will need is an Android smartphone along with micro SD card and a PC.

Features of the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App

  • You can use the Free SD card memory as RAM using the easy Swap RAM or Swap Memory tools.
  • This app will help you increase the RAM up to 4.0 GB using the free space from SD card memory.
  • You can make an unlimited SWAP partition, that will help you with the more option to increase the RAM.
  • The performance of the Swapping relies on the free memory of your SD card.
  • You can enable the Widget for swapping to make the instant swap on/ swap off. You can also customize the swapping using the Auto-run and ensure for easy to use with one click optimization.
  • This app will also allow you to view the Memory details and its information Analysis.
  • And most importantly, you will need to make sure ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App works on your device, so install the Memory Info & Swapfile Check App before you purchase the app.

Steps #1: Download ROEHSOFT RAM Expander and Memory Info & Swapfile Check

First of all, you should download the Memory Info & Swapfile Check App. This will first help you check, if your Android device is compatible with the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App or Not.

Click here to download Memory Info & Swapfile Check App

Once installed, now open the Memory Info & Swapfile Check AppROEHSOFT RAM Expander App. Once the app shows you a successful result. Now proceed to download the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App.increase RAM on Android smartphone

Click here to download ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App

To download the App, you first have to purchase the app. Click on the link given above. Now you will enter into the Google play store website. Click on the Buy Button displayed on the screen. Now you will get an option to make the purchase. Finally, after you have purchased the app this will automatically download and install the App.

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Steps #2: Run the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App

Well, after you have installed the app now you should run the app to free RAM from your device. Open the App, and click on the button Swap Active. This will now create a Swap file and enable it to ensure it starts to increase RAM in Android devices

Steps# 3: Partition your Micro SD card

In the next step, now you will need your Micro SD card. You have to create a partition using the Mini tool partition wizard

Click here to download Mini tool partition wizard

Next, you will have to connect your micro SD card with PC via your phone. Right click on the Micro SD card on your PC, you will get a list of options. Select the partition from the option and set as primary. Also, click on the file system as FAT32. Now click done button to proceed.

Finally, after you have also partition your micro SD card you will be able to increase the RAM using the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App anytime.

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Important Note: Most of the time, there is always showing error with the SD card, which you will have to partition. But in some cases, the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander app can easily access your SD card and start creating free space. So make sure, to see the SD card partition to ensure swapping files without interruption.

So these are the best and working process to increase ram in android smartphones. There is no third party application to increase the RAM, all you need is the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander app that will enhance the RAM with one click. But to make sure you succeed freeing space, you will need your device’s SD card which will function to provide your memory to use as RAM. This app can increase the RAM up to 4GB which is a good solution for low RAM Android phone user, to turn high RAM capacity.

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