How to Add Cydia Sources For New Cydia Apps

Do you have a jailbroken device? Do you want to know How to Add Cydia Sources for new Cydia Apps? Then you have to click on the perfect sites where you will not have any more doubts after reading these pages.

Cydia is basically one of the best App Store that enables the users to search and install software packages on jailbroken devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPods. Jailbreaking is one of the only options to receive Cydia on your iOS device.  You can do everything in Cydia such as; you can download, install and also control your jailbroken device through Cydia. 


Features of Cydia Sources

  • Cydia source provides thousands of themes, varieties of ringtones, interesting tweaks, and the apps, utilities, stuff and much more which you can renovate your iPhones devices.  
  • In Cydia source, ModMyi is one of the most important and popular default sources that give you the most popular and some updated tweaks, themes, apps, etc.
  • There is also an important App called FilippoBiga which can receive multiple tweaks that are an amazing source in Cydia and can receive a mass of tweaks. This also gives you presents that can modify amazingly and exciting tweaks that can customize the look and gesture of apps and icons.
  • In Cydia source, The SINful repo is one of the very popular sources that is included in the community to access various cracked tweaks, apps, and stuff for the iPhone and iPads.
  • In Cydia sources, iHacks is one of the most used, and best options and demanding sources that provides popular tweaks, themes, and apps to modify overall.
  • Bigboss Repository gets along with a Cydia as default and also many amazing and popular tweaks are available on it.
  • xSellize Repository is a Cydia source that excites more especially for the game lovers because thousands of exciting and interesting games are present on it not only that but you can also find some helpful tweaks in it.
  • InsanelyiRepo Repository is interesting and especially designs for default features that have offered in case you are bored or tired using your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • iForce is a very popular community that accepts users to share things like Bluetooth. So you can install beautiful tweaks and used it.
  • For the game lovers especially there is an app called iPhoneCake Repository which offers some amount of games that is listed in category-wise. You can access free games as much as you can.

In Cydia App How to Add Repo Source

    1. First of all, go to the Cydia App and click on the Manage icon that you see on top of the application.
  • Now When you click on the Manage screen you will get three points like 1.sources 2.Packages and 3.Storage so select the” SOURCES”
  • if you click on the SOURCES screen it will appear a list of sources like




3.Dev Team

5.ZodTTD & MacCiti

  1. Now on the sources, Screen enter on the EDIT button which you see at the bottom of the right so then click on the ADD button
  2. when you first click on the ADD button and pops up screen appears asking for you to add the URL source. Then Add the URL click on the ADD SOURCE. Finally when the Cydia verify the source and shows you a warning, then ignore the warning and click on the ADD.
  3. Finally, Cydia would automatically connect and download all the packages from the source where you added.

However, the Cydia app is the best app to install and download sources in IOS devices that can install and download and also control your jail-broken devices. If you are content with my articles please do share with your friends and colleagues and for any doubts please comment below.

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