Geometry Dash APK Download & MOD Latest Version 2.1 For Free

Get the latest Geometry Dash Apk for your Android device and be prepared to play the near impossible levels of this wonderful game. Hope, you know this game is available for free to download in most of the app stores. But for Geometry Dash 2.1 download, you will need to pay $1.99 or Rs.120. Don’t worry; I will provide a free download link below to download Geometry Dash for Android and play this addictive game on your Smartphone. And also find the all-time favorite Geometry Dash 2.0 apk in this post; you will good to know that the latest version of this app comes with lots of exciting features and gameplay.Geometry Dash APK download

This game is developed by RobTop Games and with their latest announcement suggests that they are coming with Geometry Dash 2.2 update. Besides this game, RobTop has many attractive games similar to Geometry Dash online Game or these can be dubbed as series of this game. But the excitement theme going to be all different with their other available games. More exciting games such as Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World and as said already a free Geometry Dash Lite version is available on Google Play store.

Goodly, there are Geometry Dash Hacks and Tweaks to surpass levels easily and quickly, even you will be able to get Geometry Dash PC download. Yes, it does support on Windows laptop or PC. Here I will guide you to get Geometry Dash for PC or laptop to enjoy this game on a bigger display. Let’s get into more about this game know what makes this game better than any other game of the same category.

Geometry Dash APK Download: Interesting features!

This popular game is developed by RobTop Games and Geometry Dash 2.1 is the latest version of this game. It is not a free game because you need to pay $1.99 or Rs.120 for it which may be a disadvantage. But the payout would be a one-time investment as the app do not come with any In-App purchase. Although, you get a lite version of Geometry Dash online game for free that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.Geometry Dash 2.1 download

The new version of Geometry Dash 2.1 is about 77MB in size, which doesn’t take much space of your device. The graphical interface of the game is really eye catching so is the gameplay. This game has received many positive reviews and huge download counts. With 4.8 rating out of 5, it is one of the most demanding game for all platform. The game available for Android, Windows, MacOS, Windows Phone, iOS etc.

Geometry Dash Gameplay: I bet you will get addicted!

It is a simple touch and play game to keep you entertained daily. Play to kill your boredom pushing yourself through available different levels, where you need to protect moving object or game character from all mind puzzling obstacles.

You don’t have the control of moving character but you can change the play mode with various customization available in the game. It is the portal that you get to change platform gravity, mirror effect, duplicate reversed. It makes the game playing more challenging as you desire to play. There is also difficulty mode to play such as Normal Mode, Actual Mode, Stars, and Mana Orbs.Download Geometry dash 2.1

In every level find the danger in rhythm-based action platform. Fly, jump, flip to survive in the world of Geometry Dash online to complete the level and showcase your skill hypering the scoreboard with your friend-circle. Completing the levels, you will be rewarded by certain color and icon; with this kit allows customizing the icon or your game character. Also, every level of this game comes with specific Geometry Dash Music and platform with new obstacles.

Salient Features of Geometry Dash Game:

As you have already come to know how positively received this game by the online users. This has got one of the best ratings as the mobile and steam game. Obviously, it is because of its crazy gameplay and some great features. Let me introduce some of its top features that you are going to enjoy having after the Geometry Dash APK download for Android.

New Fingerdash: With the new Geometry Dash 2.1 download you will get the Fingerdash feature in it. It is a new feature or actually a new level of the game that includes a new game character with some pro abilities. Its ability is like spider form that can teleport to the nearest overhead surface adding more feeling of enthusiasm than Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk.Geometry Dash Fingerdash

Game Modes: The Geometry game comes in various gameplay mode to make your gaming more challenging. You can set the 4 difficulty modes and also choose the desired portal from 10 available portals. There is also a practice mode to build your skill starting from the same port.Geometry Dash hacks

All Exiting Levels: All of the levels come with a unique soundtrack with thrilling obstacles. Hence, jumping to every new level is a new thrill to play. The new Geometry Dash 2.1 features 21 level now compared to 18 levels in Geometry Dash 2.0 apk.Geometry Dash 2.0 apk

Achievements: Lots of achievements that can be unlocked in various ways. Crossing the obstacles, you can collect a certain number of stars. With your or someone’s demon-rated levels and official levels, you can be unlocked the achievements. Also, daily mystery box can be unboxed, which unlocks color, icons, trails etc.geometry dash online

Modify Levels: Besides the official levels, you can create a customized level as of your own need. Creating a level, you can even invite your friends to challenge them. You can set your own platform, spiky obstacles, flip gravity and fly rocket at the specific Geometry Dash 2.0 APK

Features or the gameplay make it one of the best-rated game for most existing platforms. Highlighting the features of this rhythm-based action platforming game is all like level impossible. But with a certain time, you will get to play with this. Enjoy the unique soundtracks for every level, a practice mode to sharpen your gameplay skill, fly and jump to unlock more achievements. No In-App purchase in the game, no hidden cost in the app; all you need to beat the obstacles to updating your character.

Playing and reviewing the game here is my little words for Geometry Dash game’s Pros and Cons. Yes, I like it a lot to play in my resting time or even I have to find work-gape to play Geometry Dash online.


  • Good visual with the great color mashup.
  • A variety of levels including official variants and customized variants.
  • Impressive soundtracks for every level and you can also download them.
  • Cost just $1.99 or 120rs and for that, you get worthy exciting gameplay. [Here get latest Geometry Dash Full Version for free]
  • New Geometry Dash 2.1 Fingerdash is filled with new thrills.


  • It can be too difficult for the new players; hence playing, again and again, the soundtrack could become annoying.

Latest Geometry Dash Full Version 2.1 APK Free Download

As said before the paid version will cost you downloading from respective apps store. Trust me this crazy puzzle jump and fly game worth every penny. But if you facing trouble to buy it from the app then you can download Geometry Dash APK for free of cost here from the down below link.

Click Here To Download Geometry Dash 2.1 APK

Click Here To Download Geometry Dash 2.0 APK

Download the apk format of this game that is free to download. It can be downloaded with any device but can be installed on an Android device only. However, if you have installed Android emulator on your PC or laptop then this apk file is also a good option for Geometry Dash PC use. So, let step into the installation method, as you might know, that not downloading the app from Google Play Store, is needed installation manually.

How to install Geometry Dash APK on An Android Device?

Haven’t installed any apk file on your Android device? Find the guidance here to install your downloaded Geometry Dash 2.0 or Geometry Dash 2.1 apk on your Android device. So, let’s check out the installation procedure in below.

Download an app from a website termed as from an unknown source. And every Android device by default doesn’t let the user install direct apk file on their device. For that, you will need to enable the unknown source installation in your device settings. Check this out how-

Enable Unknown Source Installation:

  • Go to the Android device Settings.install geometry dash 2.0
  • Click on the Lock screen and security.

geometry dash 2.1 Android

  • You will find an “Unknown sources” option with a toggle button. Click on the toggle button and your device will be enabled for installing an app from unknown sources or allow installing apk files.geometry dash apk full version

Install Geometry Dash APK on Android device:

  • Now go to the File Manager of your Android device to find the downloaded Geometry Dash game apk file. In browser’s Download folder [in most cases], you can find it. Now tap on the Geometry APK file. tap to install Geometry Dash Game
  • An install confirmation window will pop up; hit the “Install” button.Geometry Game apk
  • Installation of game APK will get started.

Geometry Dash 2.2 apk

  • Within no time it should be installed on your device. Click on “Done” or “Open” button and finally, your Geometry Dash game is now all set to entertain you.

Geometry dash apk 2.2

So this how you can install the Geometry Dash 2.1 version or Geometry Dash 2.0 version on your Android device. Tap on the “Open” button to launch the game and play this near impossible mission. This is a paid game, but above I have given you the link for free download of both 2.0 and 2.1 version.

More From RobTop Games:

Geometry Dash online is not the only game from this RopTop Games, there are more games from this developer that you try out. And those available games from the same developer also as much popular as this game. You would like to try them out if you are already enjoying the Geometry game on your smartphone.

Geometry Dash Lite: This is the same gameplay mode of Geometry Dash that you can download free from any app market. The main flaw of this lite version is that it contains ads that make gameplay annoying. You can try it out before you download the Geometry Dash Game full version.geometry dash for android

Geometry Dash Meltdown: This also same retro game a lot like the base game. There you get three levels, this gaming format has got more eye-catching retro-graphics. The tough passages are here with more spiky obstacles and fire. If you feel this game is easy to play or wants to try more from the similar retro then this is a game for you.Geometry Dash Meltdown apk

Geometry Dash World: Explore the world of Geometry game by downloading the Geometry Dash World version. Well, this is a new format of the same game that comes with many new features such as new music, new platform, new levels and much more. Total 10 brand new levels you get with this game. Geometry Dash World apk

Geometry Dash PC: Yes, there are supported variants for Windows PC or laptop to play on your laptop and PC. Stretching the colorful graphics on your PC’s bigger screen, the Geometry Dash is more fun to play with. In case, you are planning to play this game on a laptop then download the Geometry Dash for PC version now.

Basically, all the gameplay concept is same but the excitement going to be all new with all the Geometry Dash available versions. So that, look up more from this game developer that serves the same taste of gaming.

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Geometry Dash F.A.Q:

Check out some of the frequently asked questions for Geometry Dash, if some question hitting on your mind. So, hope this would be helpful to collect the answers to them.geometry dash apk here

  • Why Aren’t The Levels  Loading?

If a lot number of Geometry Dash gamers trying to play the same level can occur this disturbance. In this case, wait for the server to calm down or can retry loading. Or else, you can reinstall the Geometry Dash Apk again on your device after uninstalling the game.

  • What’s the requirement of demon key?

To get a demon key, you would require 500 Mana Orbs from the levels. So, if you haven’t reached the basic requirements for demon key then try to play Geometry Dash online with your friends to earn more.

  • Why is Geometry Dash not installing?

As the full version of this game is cracked to get you for free. It might not work in some devices but you can download the app from other sources till you get a working Geometry Dash game online. Try out another link for latest Geometry Dash APK download and reinstall the app with the same method.

  • How to create a customized level in Geometry Dash game?

To create your own level, you can go through the Edit option, where you can find a Create menu. Choose that button and then in below right corner tap the “New” button. You will be able to create level as per your requirements.

  • Is there Geometry Dash for Windows PC?

As I have already mentioned this is a cross-platform game; so that, you can get Geometry Dash PC version to play online on your PC. There is also Geometry Dash for iOS, Mac devices are available to download.

  • How to play Geometry Dash Online?

This RobTop Games-developed game is a single player game; though you can play online with your friends. All you need to create a level and invite your friend to play Geometry Dash or your friend need to invite challenging in an online level or modified level.

  • When is Geometry Dash 2.2 update?

For now, Geometry Dash 2.1 apk is the latest version, which is released on 18 January 2017. There is no update news for this game in Geometry game forum. But we assure you to notify if there any new for Geometry Dash 2.2 update here. Hence, keep connected to this blog for more updates.

  • How to change my username or why I can’t change username?

Note that if needed, you can change your username once in a month. So, if you have already change the username in the same month then you will have to wait next 30 days.

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For retro game lovers or those who want to challenge a tough obstacles settings in a game then Geometry is a highly recommended game. The full version is now available as Geometry Dash 2.0 apk or Geometry Dash 2.1 apk for free download. Download it from the link to grab arcade game free for Android device.

This is the game that has received one of the highest ratings. No matter what genre game you like, this is the game to try out at least once. On above I have mentioned all about this game; hopefully, this should help you better understanding Geometry Dash apk. Also, in this post Geometry Dash FAQ has been added, check out if you have any queries. So, let me know dropping a comment below for more queries and I would like to come with every answer for Geometry Dash online Games.


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