Best Apps for Free Music Without WiFi or Internet on Android, iOS and Windows

Free music apps no WiFi needed is a great thing to have, as you know WiFi can’t be in reach all the time. Music that can give energy in your daily life; yes, some least people would say no to music. A lot of music apps that lets you stream free music with WiFi/data connection and that’s going popular day by day. However, offline music apps still top regarding popularity, and we get a bunch of list download free music without WiFi or the apps for free music without Wifi

If you are looking for the best apps for free music without WiFi or internet, here is the list of free music download apps. With these apps you can listen to music without WiFi, no worries if there is no network or WiFi on your device. So let me know you some of the offline music apps and listen to free music without a data connection.

Best Apps for Free Music Without WiFi or Internet on Android, iOS, and Windows

The list of apps to listen to free music without WiFi or internet is quite necessary for everyone those who music freaks. Because data connection or WiFi won’t be all the time connected to your device and if you have offline music apps there would be no interruption listening to music. Now, whatever your device OS is, in this list, you will get multi-platform apps to listen to music no WiFi needed. So, let’s have a look some of the best offline apps to listen free music without internet or WiFi.


Every music freak should know this name. SoundCloud is a brand name in the music lovers hub. This app is on the top of the list because SoundCloud is a cross-platform app, the app is downloadable on your Windows PC, MacBook, iOS and Android devices. With this app, you can download and stream your favorite music, as this is one the biggest open portal for every music artist and music lovers. To listen to your music for me, SoundCloud is the best app listening music for free without WiFI or internet. So, download it now, as this available to download for every platform.soundcloud for lis


This is yet another great portal for the music lovers. Don’t just get confused with its name, iHeartRadio the is not only one of the biggest radio streamer but the also, a huge database of music. Here you can listen millions of your favorite music and, for free. Streaming is needed an internet connection on your device, but the app also lets you listen to your downloaded music offline. iHeartRadio available to download for both iOS and Android device that you can download from your respective apps market.iheart radio free music apps no wifi needed


Listen to your music everywhere without worrying about WiFi and internet connection. Spotify has one of the highest user counts, as this is very popular among music freaks. This amazing music genre app is one of the best options for listening music offline without a data connection.  The app offers unlimited music stock those you can download for free and listen to them offline. This offline music app is also available to download for iOS and Android.Spotify to listen music without internet


In some region, the app is mostly used, as this app is available in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. This music app also lets you listen to tons of radio stations and by downloading music from its huge library you can listen to free music without WiFi. You can download this app if you are from mention region. Pandora is available downloading for both Android and iOS platform, download it for your device and enjoy listening to your favorite music without internet or WiFi connection.pandora free music



Least but not worse; to be frank it is my favorite free music download app. Beats app is specially developed for the iOS device users. Definitely, you would love this app for listening music without the internet on your iPhone/iPad or iOS devices. beats for ofline musicNot only that, it is the easiest ways to organize your media files despite a good music player. iOS device users can download this app for free, download this app on your iPhone or iOS devices from Apple App Store right now.

No matter how far you are from WiFi location and no matter if you don’t have a network connection on your device, download any of above the best apps for free music without WiFi or internet connection and listen to music offline. The listed free music apps don’t even need WiFi or data connection, for me, SoundCloud is the best app to listen to free music without the internet, as this is available for all platform Android, iOS, and Windows. And for iOS device, Pandora and Spotify is really food choice that you can have. So, if you are looking for those apps, I hope you would love having any of those listed apps.


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  1. doesn’t know that Soundcloud can play music without wifi or internet, i just check it out and yes it works… thank you to the admin for letting me know… gotta check out all of those apps to listen music without internet, wifi or offline

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