Top 10 Free Games On Steam

Steam is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming with over 150 million registered subscribers. Every year for discounted prices Stream gets much publicity and attention. But it’s not that you have to pay to use Steam, most popular games that Steam provides are of no charges at all. With passing years Steam has stockpiled a good number of Free Games On Steam. Among the mass quantity of games it is very easy to lose your way, thus I will be guiding you through this article.

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Today I’m going to provide you the information of Top 10 Free Games on Stream that will make your time enjoyable. Some of these recommendations will be well known and obvious because some of the most famous games of Stream fall into this category. Also, there will be some that you have never heard about; but they are no less good than the famous ones. So without further taking your precious time let’s start our list and detailed information of Top 10 Free Games on Stream that you should definitely try.

Top 10 Free Games On Steam:

1) DotA 2

If you are on Stream for not a short period of time then you are somehow going to get stumbled upon DotA 2. It is a fantasy based warfare game that attracted a wide variety of praise around the globe. It also holds an international tournament where you can win millions of dollars. This game is absolutely free to play. You can play with the players that are from other countries or continents. Your goal here is pretty simple but hard to execute, you have to lead your creeps and team to the enemy base where you have to destroy a large tower know as Ancient. For all the above reasons this game has taken the first position in our list of Top 10 Free Games on Steam.


Free Games On Steam Dota 2

2) Warframe

If you are asked what can be cooler than a Ninja? The answer will be a Space-Ninja. This game offers you to be a cool Space-Ninja and stretch across tons of different planets and missions. To describe this game it will be appropriate to say if Terry Gilliam directed a Destiny game this is it. There are infected mutants, mechanical aliens, cyborg clones and you get to stab them, shoot them, kill them. You collect and update you ‘warframe’ in every mission and they give you special abilities. For all of these reasons, this is one of the most popular Stream games out there.

Free Games On Steam warframe

3) Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an awesome RPG game more gothic and grimmer than the other action games. This also holds the most compelling leveling systems seen in RPG games. You can get the best of the Final Fantasy VII and Diablo mixed together in this game. There are lots of tempting abilities that you can unlock by battling your way through the monster-infested world. The best part is Path of Exile continues updates, so even if you have played this game in the past it will still surprise you.

Free Games On Steam path

4) Smite

Smite is a little twisted MOBA game where you control your God like any other game. The camera is positioned behind the avatar providing a very different kind of 5v5 game. All the familiar stuff like the creeps, lanes, items you will find it here making you feeling comfortable though you are unknown to this game.

Free Games On Steam smite

5) Neverwinter

It is a wonderful MMO game, a little robust in nature. You get a pretty world to explore in this game and you get to fight hobgoblins, kobolds etc. Though there is a little push provided to buy items but I can assure you that without even using a single penny you can enjoy the whole game for free.

Free Games On Steam neverwinter

6) Skyforge

This game is the perfect platform where science fiction meets fantasy. With a lot less grind, Skyforge delivers countless hours of action than your average free action games on Steam. The class system divides level here and based on your total stats and XP you can progress your character.

Free Games On Steam skyforge

7) Rift

Rift is a very popular free Steam game where you have to choose a side; either the Guardians or the Defiant. You will be embarking upon a journey in the world of Telara. Your Character will grow, fight against dangerous beasts, get new weapons and develop new skills. The variety of choices made this game take a place in the list of Top 10 Free Games on Steam.

Free Games On Steam rift

8) EVE Online

This game is one of the greatest MMOs of the past and now it is also one of the Free Games On Steam. It is not about saving a world or slaying zombies but about becoming a cog in a wide universe. There are thousands of paths for you to choose which is a very intriguing feature.Free Games On Steam eve online

9) Warface

Warface is a first-person shooting action game that can be played with or against your friends. You can play this game in competitive versus mode and co-op mode. With a variety of choice from Engineer, Rifleman, Sniper, Medic classes etc you can spend hours on this free game.

Free Games On Steam warface

10) Star Trek Online

The last but not the least on the list is Star Trek Online, an MMO game that provides the sci-fi adventure world of Star Trek. It is updated on a regular basis providing players additional gears, elaborate episodic missions, seasonal events etc. Though there are purchased items, still free players get enough freedom to explore the Final Frontier.

Free Games On Steam star trek online

With this being the last topic on our list of Top 10 Free Games on Steam we have come to an ending of this informative guide that will definitely help you to choose from the hundreds of games that is available on Steam. I hope this helps to choose the appropriate game that suits your mood. For any further information leave a comment below.

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