Best Fast Charging Apps for Android 2017 – Charge Your Phone Faster!

Battery signal going Red! Maybe you are fully frustrated due to the slow charging process of your phone. If yes, then you are in the right place. Today I will talk on some of the Best Fast charging apps for Android 2017 which will help you in charging your phone faster than ever.

I know there are different types of phones in the market which comes with inbuilt fast charging facility. But sometimes we can’t afford those phones as those phones are expensive. Rather invest more on buying a phone, it is wise to use a fast charging app on your phone.

best fast charging apps for android

These apps are completely free of cost and are easily available in the Google Play Store. Many people across the globe are using charging apps to fasten up their mobile charging. For using this app you do not need to reboot your phone you have to simply download and install those apps from the Google play store and start using those.

Best Fast Charging Apps for Android:

Listed below are the best charging apps which will fasten up your charging so that you can enjoy more time with your phone.

  • Fast charging Pro

Fast Charging Pro is one of the best charging apps which you can look in the market. This app is the best charging app in 2017 and the main attraction of this app is that it is free of cost.

The app is very responsive and can detect very well when your phone is kept in charging mood or not. The app helps to charge your phone very fast and I must say it works very well as I have personally used this app.

Fast Charging Pro 2017

To start this app you simply need to click on the START button and the app will automatically stop all the applications which were running in the background. Even the ratings and reviews regarding this app are very well which makes this app one of the widely used app.

  • Fast Charging

This is another best fast charging app Android phones. To activate this app you simply need to click on the START button and the app does the rest.

When you put your phone in the charging mood the app automatically closes all the applications which are running in the background including, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS etc. Stopping other applications helps in boosting the app it boots about 30-40% of charging.

Fast Charging app for android

The interface of the app is self-explanatory which works very smoothly. The interface of the app looks more beautiful in Samsung mobiles. This app is exclusively free in the Google Play Store and does not need any subscription. Many are using this app and gave a good review regarding their experience.

  • Super-Fast Charging

Super-Fast charging is different from the other charging apps. It can charge faster than that of the other charging apps. The app gets automatically active once you plug in the phone with the charger.

Using the app is very easy you just need to click the start button to activate the app. The app automatically stops all the applications which are running in the background. Once you click the start button it will stop many applications like Bluetooth, WIFI, DATA etc so that you can faster charge your phone.

Super Fast Charging app

You can even stop the application by simply clicking on the STOP button. Clicking on stop will resume all the applications which were set on pause you also get an option of editing of the application like a flashlight, calculator, camera, screen brightening etc.

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The main attraction of this application:

The app not only fasten the charging but also extend your batteries life. You also get an option of display regarding all the information of the battery starting from temperature, voltage, health, plugged, and charged. You also get a quick access to the flashlight, camera etc followed by the advanced interface.

  • Super-Fast Charger 5X

This is a very advanced app which works well in all kinds of android phone. The app comes free of cost in Google Play store and doesn’t ask for any subscription later.

The most attractive part of the app is that it comes with a display which shows all kinds of information regarding your battery starting from voltage, battery life, plug in charging, health etc. are some of the display features. The interface of the app is very attractive and gives a modern fell to the app.

Super Fast Charger 5x

This app like the other stops all kinds of applications which are running in the background of your device so that it can fully focus on the charging of your phone. The app helps to boost your phone five times faster as compared to that of the charging apps.

Now let’s find out how this app works!

This is one of the common questions which is been asked that how these apps can boost up charging then here is the answer. These apps will close all the background tasks which are been running and helps to boost in charging your phone.

For example, your WI-FI is on or your Bluetooth is on, in that case, these charging apps will automatically close those apps so that it can charge the phone faster without losing its power in somewhere else. I have personally used different charging app on my phone and the result is awesome. Today I would like to recommend you those apps for faster charging experience.

So these were some of the Best fast charging apps for Android which you should take a look on. These apps are tested and work pretty well and enhance charging experience.

All these apps are special in their own ways. Now it depends upon you which app will you choose. All the above-mentioned apps are free on the Google Play store and do not have any type of subscription mood.

So hurry! use one of those app and enhance your phone’s battery life so that you can use your phone to the fullest.

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