Download Xcode for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

As Xcode software is specially developed for Mac OS X, there are no common ways to download Xcode for Windows PC. For making apps for Mac then Xcode is an ultimate suite for creating apps, testing them, managing your assets and building app interface; to be clearer, it is a complete tool who were looking for toolset for developing applications for Mac OS X platform.Xcode for Windows PC

However, there is a way to use Xcode for Windows laptop/PC, all you need is follow the given instructions to get installed Xcode on your PC. So that, you will be able to run Xcode on your PC as well, and you can develop Mac apps on your Windows PC/laptop. No more Apple machine to use Xcode so, let’s check out.

Xcode for Windows PC: A Complete Suite Developing Apps

It is comparatively easy to make application for Windows and Linux operating system whereas the scenario for Mac OS X much different. Developing application for Mac, iWatch, iOS, tvOS Xcode is an ultimate help. Xcode is an integrated development toolset which is developed by Apple itself. This suite is free to use on Mac OS or Mac devices. Xcode comes with multiple coding support for programming your apps for iOS device, Mac, and iWatch.

Powerful features of Xcode: Reason to have Xcode for Windows!!

  1. This will let you creating apps for iOS devices ( like iPhone, iPad, etc.) and for Mac OS.
  2. You can even use Xcode for testing your under-progressing apps. In this feature, you will be able to test the reliability of your app and UI testing before you publish it.
  3. As Apple iTunes requires 100% acceptance score; you will get a dedicated TestFlight feature that comes up with a beta tester for checking your app’s stability and reliability.
  4. You can even develop games for iOS or iPhone devices and for Mac OS as well.
  5. The new Xcode can even test on a particular device(iOS/Mac) for testing on real-time. That means you won’t be required a certified device to test your apps.
  6. With the Xcode editor, you can graphically edit your app’s interface is a very neat way.
  7. This app also lets you managing your app’s images, classifying them, you can give a refined touch to your app that you want to create.
  8. You can even Fix-it if you have found any issues on your apps.

Some Important Requirements for Installing Xcode for Windows PC:

For downloading Xcode on PC/laptop(Windows), there a tricky way to get installed this powerful app developing software. Because of that, there are some requirements that you will need while downloading or installing Xcode for Windows. So, down below I will give you the complete downloading process; let’s know those important requirements for downloading Xcode for your PC or Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

  1. You Windows PC should be at least Dual-Core Intel Processor to tackle Xcode.
  2. 4GB RAM is required for fluid running Xcode on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7. However, 2GB RAM is also possible to run Xcode, but 4GB RAM recommended.
  3. You will also require a good Mac OS X machine on VirtualBox or VMware.
  4. Make sure you are having an Apple ID to download Xcode package from Apple Site. Click here to download Xcode for Windows.

How to Install Xcode on Windows PC/Laptop?

If you know professionally developing apps, then you can even try Xcode on your Windows PC. Here you have to buy an Apple Device and an Apple ID. As I am going to show you a tricky downloading process, it will require VirtualBox to install Xcode on PC.

Click here to download VirtualBox.

  1. Firstly, download VirtualBox from just above given a link on your Windows PC/laptop.
  2. As I have told you, a virtual machine is needed and for that download a virtual machine and get it installed on your Windows PC.Xcode on your PC

Click Here for Downloading OSX Mavericks ISO/Virtual Machine

  1. Now open VirtualBox which you already installed on your PC. Click on “New” button and create the virtual machine.
  2. A pop-up window will ask you renaming your current OS name.
  3. Select the type OS that you want to change.
  4. Now select the version of Mac OS X and its bit as well.
  5. For your Virtual Machine, you have to set RAM size. It’s recommended to set at least 1GB.
  6. Create virtual hard drive and select VDI type in the next.
  7. Now choose a physical Hard-Drive as a directory and input physical hard-drive size and then click on “Create” button. After that, you have successfully created virtual machine on your to download Xcode on windows
  8. Navigate to Settings>> Storage>>Now open ISO file that you have downloaded before>> Lastly, click on Start
  9. After that, all you have to is follow the on-screen given wizard.
  10. Your OSX will get installed in VirtualBox.
  11. Open your installed Safari browser(Windows) and sign-in with your Apple ID.
  12. Now, go to search box and enter “Xcode.” Soon after finding the Xcode result click “OK” to download Xcode on your Windows PC.

This is all for download and installing Xcode for Windows 10/8.1/8/7. Yes, this process is applicable for those Windows version as well. As there is no developer support to download and install Xcode for downloading Windows PC hence, I have given you a simple trick for Xcode for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. I hope, now you’ll be able to download Xcode on your PC easily following my given steps. If you find any complication while installing this powerful toolset on your device let me know by commenting below in the comment section.





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