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Whatsapp is very much used app for the purpose of online messaging, now Whatsapp has grown up to a higher level and updated it’s app and included sharing of music, videos and phone calls. All over Whatsapp has been in the top level in a competition of online messaging app. Everyone is not having android phone or windows that they can install Whatsapp easily on their phone, so today we are to discuss how to download Whatsapp for Bada phones. Download Whatsapp for Bada phones without any problem.

download Whatsapp for Bada

This article is for those who doesn’t have any android or windows phone but carrying Bada phone. For those who are using Bada phone are having a very good news that now they can also download Whatsapp for their Bada phone and enjoying chatting and sharing with friends. Read more to know the best ways to download Whatsapp for Bada phone.

Know the easiest way to download Whatsapp for Bada phones:

Whatsapp has very high downloading rate till date, actually, there are two types of Whatsapp one is the normal app and the other is OGWhatsapp which is only for those who want to have two Whatsapp account on the same phone as OGWhatsapp app helps you to create at least two accounts with the same phone. But OGWhatsapp is not available for Bada phones, but the original Whatsapp app is available for your Bada phone.

download Whatsapp for bada

Download Whatsapp for Bada phones and using it will be a very awesome feeling for you but if you start comparing with the features of Whatsapp on other phone and Whatsapp on Bada phone then you will find that you are not getting a features equal to the other phones. The feelings of using Whatsapp in your Bada Phones will not be that good but still you can message your friends and share with him/her some moments through pictures etc. Here are the following Samsung Bada phones where it is complicated to use Whatsapp: Samsung Chat, Samsung Wave 1, 2, 3, Samsung Chat Duos etc.

Easy steps to download Whatsapp for Bada Phones:

Following are some of the easiest steps you can adopt to download Whatsapp for Bada phones:

1. First of all, you need to download  the .exe file and .jar file.

2. If you have these files in your PC then you will not need to download in your phone instead you can transfer it to your phone using the data cable.

3. Now you can go in the partition where you have pasted or downloaded.

4. Run that file in your phone.

5. Finally, you have installed Whatsapp in your Bada phone successfully and continue chatting your friend.

This all the steps that you need to follow to Download Whatsapp for Bada phones. You can able to finally use Whatsapp app in your Bada Samsung phone and share your moments with your friends through Whatsapp. As now everyone is using Whatsapp for connecting to their best mate I guess you also wanted to get connected with your friends through Whatsapp but through your Bada phone, for them this will be very big and happy news. I hope my tricks have helped you in successfully installing Whatsapp in your Bada phone and chat with your friends. Hope I could make you happy by sharing my tips and tricks through this article. Please share your views with us in the comment box below and thanks for reading the article till the end. For more interesting articles stay tuned in our site.

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