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If you are reading this post & if you are also looking to download Growbox apk file then I am certain that you are already familiar with the Showbox App. As we know, the Showbox has taken our experience of watching Movies and TV Shows to a whole new level. Here, another application called Growbox Apk insanely made it even higher. This is a huge techno blast my friend.

download growbox apk android

No doubt, technology made impossible even possible today. So, do not hesitate to have fun with every tiny piece of service provided by technology especially with the new Growbox app. Now, assuring the best usage of technology I am giving you a detailed tutorial to download GrowBox APK for your android device and if you don’t have an android device, well I will also take you through how you can download Growbox apk and run the Growbox app right on your pc or even your tv.

Before we move on to the downloading and installing procedure of GrowBox ; let’s put a spotlight on the Growbox app to know it even better.

What GrowBox App Really Deal With?

As you know about the features of ShowBox and how exciting the app is, you can have this excitement even in bigger size! Watching your favorite late TV shows or an awesome fantasy movie in Showbox, until today you had fun with the app only on small screens like smartphones, tablets, or PC.

Movies Growbox

The GrowBox app appeals the max credit here, with its incredible feature which allows you to stream your Showbox to Chromecast. Using Growbox now you can have the adventure of Showbox media contents on a bigger screen like TV.

Growbox comes up with the ultimate solution, for problems you are facing to cast or stream videos and other multimedia files from android device to your TV, or Chromecast.

You cannot wait longer to try the app out, right? Now, just scroll down the post and rob whatever you want from here. This is opened for all.

Download GrowBox APK for Android

There are two things you need to keep in mind before you start to download GrowBox APK and installing the app.


There should not be MX Player installed in your device where you will install the Growbox release apk . If you have this app already installed in your device then uninstall that before you take any step to install the growbox apk xda .

  • Go to “Settings” alternative of your phone.
  • Select “Apps” option.
  • Now, select MX Player.



Since the GrowBox app is not verified app by Google Play Store, you will need to enable your device in order to install “Unknown Source” in your device. This will allow you to install the app with no issues.

  • Go to “Settings” of your phone.
  • Then, select “Security” option.
  • Check “Unknown sources”.


In order to attempting download GrowBox APK file, click the link given below here.

You can download Growbox APK file here .

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How to Install GrowBox App on Your Android Device?

Now then, you have uninstalled MX Player, and also enabled your phone to install “Unknown Source” you are good with installing the GrowBox app. Here I have embedded the easiest way to download GrowBox APK on your android mobile and to install as well.

Growbox apk installation procedure

Uninstall your Mx player or Mx player Pro Before Installing Growbox Apk

Step 1:

Download GrowBox Apk file from the link mentioned above. Once the file is downloaded, just follow the usual installation process.

Step 2:

If you have already downloaded and successfully installed GrowBox. Now, you will need for AllCast in pursuance of casting media files using GrowBox. Download AllCast from the link given below and install it.


Download: AllCast here

About AllCast

AllCast lets you share multimedia such as Music, Photos, and videos from android device to your TV. Also, AllCast lets its users stream ShowBox contents like TV Shows, Movies, or Videos. This is amazing, right?


The only disappointment here about AllCast, that’s you can have only 5 minutes of viewing limit from the free version of AllCast. But, you don’t have to worry at all. All you need to do is to upgrade your AllCast to premium version which will cost not much of your penny.

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All Checked!

Now, make it done perfectly what you have started. GrowBox download and install, checked. AllCast download and install, checked. Upgrade AllCast premium version, checked.

There is nothing more I can instruct you about. Go explore the ShowBox world with GrowBox Apk and AllCast, and have your own adventure. Do not thank me, thanks to Technology.

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