How to Delete all Old Messages from iPhone

It is not that tough to remove the old messages from your IOS device. Moreover, there is many messaging application now available in your iPhone device like Whats App, Facebook Messenger, Snap-chat and Skype etc. Thus, you need to manage all your messages by cleaning it regularly or Delete all Old Messages from iPhone .

iPhone messages

Sometimes, too many messages may consume your phone memory so you need to Delete all Old Messages from iPhone , in such case you can delete some of the unwanted messages from your friends which is of less important and seems embarrassing if you dont.

You are no more strangers to all the messaging apps now, because all the Smartphone are available with the same. So if you feel that there are too many messages consuming space in your iPhone you can choose automatic deletion of the messages. You can also choose to manually delete your messages or delete all together at a time.

Steps To Delete all Old Messages from iPhone

You can free your phone space by deleting the messages which you already red by setting your device to automatic deletion of messages. You can also make a check the status of old messages like how much space it is occupying.

deleting old messages


Following are some of the steps:


  • From your iPhone homepage just navigate to the “Setting” to view messages.
  • You can see the messages by clicking on the “Messages”
  • To view the details of the message just tap on the “Message History”. This will enable you to check incoming message details
  • Now you will find the option which reads “keep messages” which will enable the messages to remain store in your device for certain period
  • The period given in the option is like 30 days, 1 year and forever, you are required to choose any one of those option
  • However, the best solution is to choose the 30 days or 1 year option because this will delete all the old messages from your device
  • Now remove all the old messages by making an attachment and choosing the “Delete” option.
  • Though all your messages don’t get deleted but your device will be released a little than before and you get some free space.

And this how you can Delete all Old Messages from iPhone also keep in mind that if you Delete all Old Messages from iPhone you will also need to recover them with a few steps

How to recover you iPhone data after you have Delete all Old Messages from iPhone :

recover lost data

You can save your data with iTunes backups in your device. Following are the steps:

  • First of all connect your iPhone with the computer through USB cable
  • Open the iTunes, you will be able to restore the backup with the erased iPhone
  • You can also control click on the device from the menu
  • Now select RESTORE from the BACKUP and choose your desired backup
  • Start syncing by clicking on the Restore button

You no longer need to hang with the old messages that simply occupy space in your device; instead you can permanently delete all the messages from your device. You can also manually delete by setting your device in automatic deletion mood. Thus, I hope this article will be helpful to those of you who are using IOS devices.


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