Top 5 Clash of Clans Alternatives – Be Different!

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular multiplayer online games that have been downloaded more than any other title for the past few years. In order to play this game, you need to set some strategy which makes it very interesting and fun.

However, nowadays people are looking somewhere else for their fun. In the Android market, there are many online multiplayer games which are similar to Clash of Clans. In this article, I will share information regarding Top 5 Clash of Clans Alternatives which you must play and be different from others.

Clash of Clans alternatives

In the past few years, Clash of Clans has become very popular and almost every Smartphone users install this game in their device but now people started to give up because this game is a very slow to proceed on next levels. Also, for upgrading and collecting resources, it takes more than 12 to 14 days which is a very time-consuming, so now people started looking for other games.

So, in today’s article, I will be discussing such type of games which is similar to Clash of Clans in game style. So, if you are looking for such type of game style then check out the games mentioned below.

Clash of Clans Alternatives: The Top 5!

There are more than 30 games which are similar to Clash of Clans for mobile devices. So, if you are sick of playing Clash of Clans then try out something different. Here are the five best alternatives of the Clash of Clans which I and other users would love to download and play.

  1. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is considered as one of the most popular Clash of Clans alternatives. This game is created by the same developer of Clash of Clans, Supercell. After the huge success with their first game which is Clash of Clans, they have created another title known Clash Royale with more fantastic features.

clash of clan alternatives

This game has a similar graphics and troops such as Barbarians, Giants, Dragons and many other new characters and spells. Even the spells are similar with the Clash of Clans. The overall game is similar, the only difference is it has a different style and this game is a fast process, you don’t have to wait for upgrading or training troops for a long time. Moreover, Clash Royale has many good reviews so far, so you can try it out.

  1. Castle Clash:

This game is also a Clash of Clans alternative which you can try out. In Castle Clash you need to play as a Warlord and build the biggest empire as possible as you can. But the layouts, map size, and styles are similar with the Clash of Clans.


In this game also you need to build the same walls, troops and armies similar to Clash of Clans. But this game has much faster pace as compared to Clash of Clans. In this game, you don’t have to wait for 14 or 15 days for upgrading any items of your game. Till today, there are more than 100 million people playing this game on their smartphones and the number is still growing.

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  1. Viking Wars

If you get bored playing Clash of Clans, then you should definitely try out this game called Viking Wars. The game styles are almost similar game like Clash of Clans, but the graphics are better in this game and also have a better pace.


In this game also you need to build your own village, and you have to attack other tribes or villages for raiding and loots. Some of you may not hear about this game, but let me tell you, the graphics, gameplay and real-time defense of this game are much better.

If you check out the reviews in Google Play store, you will see a better review than Clash of Clans. So install this game in your device today itself and enjoy.

  1. Call of Duty: Heroes

This is one of the similar games like Clash of Clans which you can try.Everyone who is very much interested in playing games will definitely know that Call of Duty is one of the most popular shooting games in gaming history. Now you might get a little bit confused, how this game can be an alternative game of Clash of Clans but now worries, everything is similar.


In this game also you need to build up armies, save resources for upgrading and you need to apply strategy to attack other villages or bases just like Clash of Clans. You can also team up with friends and get help from them. So you can also try out this game.

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  1. Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2 is created by the same developer of Clash of Clans, Supercell and it is also from This game also has 40 different heroes and can be built or upgraded similar like Clash of Clans. The resources are also similar such as Gems, Coins, Jewels, etc.


If you are getting bored with COC and searching for the Clash of Clans alternatives and if you want to quit playing this game then you can try out the above games which I have mentioned. All those games which I have mentioned above have excellent reviews, and you will get the same experience with different style.

Do let me now about the experience of playing these games mentioned above and which one is your favorite.

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