Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2016

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites : Watching movies at home in your own home theater has become the most fashionable and luxurious things, that people love to enjoy nowadays. And with over 100's of movies to watch from the internet and many sites to choose from. This makes watching a movie at home more interesting rather than waiting for it and to watch it in the … [Read more...]

Free Download Clash Royale Apk – Install & Play

Download Clash Royale Apk : A Real Time Strategy game that has changed the face of gaming within just 3 months of launch, with over 500,000 in just 12hrs from release. From the creators of world best, Real Time Strategy game "Clash of Clans"(for phone/tab) comes yet another game that has been a success right from the launch- Download Clash Royale apk . And believe … [Read more...]

Clash Royale for iOS : For iPad & iPhone

Clash Royale for iOS : Supercell has done it again, with Clash of Clans as one of the biggest hit in the history of Real-time strategy game they have launched yet another game that has already made its way among the champions. Launched on 4th Jan 2016 for iOS platform in Canada and on 2nd march 2016 it was launched globally for android iOS. Just like its big … [Read more...]

Whatsapp For Ubuntu – Do It The Easy Way

So now that you know how to use Whatsapp for Bada, you might also be interested to know that today I am going to take you through few steps how you can get Whatsapp for Ubuntu . Ubuntu  being a new OS in the market has been criticized for its unavailability of supported software and apps in the market.But there are few points where Ubuntu has created a … [Read more...]

Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED or Error 102 in Chrome/Windows

If you are in need to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, which is also known as Error 102 in short, you have landed on the right runway. I have done my head-spinning homework just to figure out to fix Error 102 on my Chrome browser. Finally, I did it, and I am here to help out thousands of others like me. Frankly, such kind of error issue is more of an annoyance than an … [Read more...]