Connection Failed With Error 651: How to Fix It

Fix Connection Failed With Error 651: Error 651 is a common issue that most of the Windows users may face while connecting their computers to the internet. Mostly the Windows 7 users may encounter this type of error. So, if you are a Windows 7 user or any Windows user, then it is essential for […]

Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED or Error 102 in Chrome/Windows

If you are in need to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, which is also known as Error 102 in short, you have landed on the right runway. I have done my head-spinning homework just to figure out to fix Error 102 on my Chrome browser. Finally, I did it, and I am here to help out thousands of others […]

How To Send Large Files By Email

Send Large Files By Email: Email is the best way of sending any file or data over the internet. We all use email for our purpose of transferring data and file. Nowadays many email serving companies are there, but there is some limitation to send large files by Email. Many email servers refuse any file or […]

How to Transfer Contacts And Data From Android to iPhone

Transferring all the contacts and data from Android to iPhone is always be a big issue. iPhone is operated on a completely different operating system namely “iOS”. Unlike Android or Windows, you can not send or transfer data easily from your iPhone to Android or vice versa. So, if you are looking for the solution, […]

How To Install Android On PC Or Laptop

In this new age of technology, the launch of the two greatest OS i.e the Android & Windows has been competing in the market for a long time. People enjoy the apps and games that are available both on the windows and android platform. Also with the latest update of both the OS is a […]