How to Delete all Old Messages from iPhone

It is not that tough to remove the old messages from your IOS device. Moreover, there is many messaging application now available in your iPhone device like Whats App, Facebook Messenger, Snap-chat and Skype etc. Thus, you need to manage all your messages by cleaning it regularly or Delete all Old Messages from iPhone . Sometimes, too many messages may consume … [Read more...]

Beginners Guides for How to Use Cydia for iOS

Cydia is an “App” and it’s quite similar to the App Store. Cydia app helps you to store lots of different another app. But, there are many iOS users still don’t know how to use Cydia app. Sometimes, most people suffer from this issue or they can’t keep other favourite app on their iOS device. So, I will try to give you the simplest way to use Cydia app for your iOS … [Read more...]

How to Record iPhone Calls with Call Recorder Cydia Tweak

Technology has developed a various app for iOS with its useful features and among them call recording is one of the features designed for iPhone. One of the amazing things that you can do with iPhone is to record iPhone calls with the help of recorded Cydia tweak App. Recording iPhone calls with recorded Cydia calls seems to be new and something interesting. … [Read more...]

How Did I Fixed ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on Chrome

Err name not resolved, or ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED, or Error 105 issue seemed to be very common among problem Chrome Browser users. Google sincerely haven’t take the issue so far, and neither have come up with a permanent acceptable solution to this certain web error. Number of problems faced by Chrome users today, are many. Although, I am trying to shoot down on … [Read more...]

How to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT or Error 118?

We may sometimes face this problem in our computer system while surfing the internet these kinds of errors blocks us to find our desired destination. You may get an annoying message that pops out on your screen, saying ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT or simply connection timed out . You may also get a message "this webpage not available" on the screen. These types of … [Read more...]