How to Download Camera 360 Apk On Android Device

Selfie click is going viral in the modern world. Wherever you go, you will see a bunch of people taking selfies and editing their photos for social sharing. Not only selfies but clicking any pictures with the rear camera is going popular. However, if you want your images to edit with Camera 360 then we have produced a Camera 360 Apk to download here. Camera 360 is an application that helps your photo to edit with more effects. Apart from that, this camera also gives instant effect when you click pictures directly with Camera 360. All things considered, this app has the best camera effect to give you the desired look.

Camera 360

With just a few swipes you get the pretty effect to your images. With over 500 million users, 360 Camera app for selfie click is the most popular one. Millions of people have loved this excellent app as because it includes many professional editing tools, photo filters, poster templates, art effects and video effects. Also, if you want to edit some part of your favorite image with little blur then that can also be done. So, to get more information about this Camera 360 apk read it till the end as we have also given some step by step guide to download the Apk format.

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More Information about Camera 360 Apk for Selfie Stick:

This app is a photo editor that can work tremendously for clicking selfies. For instance, if you want to have an immediate effect the moment you click pictures then Camera 360 app does all the work. This means the app not only edits your pictures but even give you an excellent click. With just a single touch you can entirely edit your images. Also, it gives you the capability to apply many color filters and change the background of your photographs. However, the moment you are done editing your image you send social it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Apart from that, you can also save it on your Android device and later send your friends via email. If you love the selfie click app then below we present you with its ways of downloading the app.

Camera 360 Apk – How to Download?

In order to get Camera 360 download on your Android device is very simple and easy. All you need is follow our simple guide. But you must turn ON your data or Wi-Fi device to download the Apk file. Make sure that you turn ON your Unknown sources. First, visit “settings” of your device, followed by “security settings” and then tick “unknown sources.” Now come back from the settings to your home page.

camera 360 apk

  1. To download Camera 360 Apk click here
  2. So simply click on the Download button to download the apk file from the web page.
  3. Now, wait for the system to get downloaded on your device as it may take you some time to complete.
  4. Of, course when download gets completed you will be notified by the system.

In this manner, we completed the step by step ways of Camera 360 android download. Now, let us proceed with the steps of the installation guide.

Camera 360 Apk – How to Install?

As we are done with the process of downloading, now note down below the steps of installation.

  1. The moment your download is complete, locate the file on your device.
  2. Tap on the existing file and click on the Install button.
  3. Follow the instruction provided on the screen.
  4. A confirmation message will be shown when everything is done.
  5. Open the file and click selfies.

Now you can instantly get the desired results of selfies with professional like editing tool. Make a note that this app is also available in Google Play Store. To Install from Play Store directly click Here. As you know that this app has excellent features, let us look on to it.

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Features of Camera 360 App for Selfies:

features of Camera 360

  1. In camera 360 apk, there are over 200 photo filters for editing photos according to your choice. You can also create a video with this app.
  2. Now with the camera effect, you can capture different moods of backgrounds.
  3. You will get the most beautiful picture of yours after clicking a selfie with this app.
  4. With the powerful editing tools, you can entirely change the image of yours which will bring a refresh to your mind.
  5. There are also some shortcut options where you can quickly access to your desired features.
  6. This photo editor also includes photo collage and photo grid.
  7. Motion stickers are also available within this app to create a cute and funny look at your photos.
  8. Add a stylish feature will give a different look to your pictures.
  9. Now you can stylize your picture with just one step ahead, whether you want a big nose, or small eyes, Camera 360 will give you the required results.
  10. Decorate your image with side border, with layouts and photo grid etc.
  11. With this app, you can either remove your acne or create a smooth skin along with some effects.
  12. They are available for free but some of the filters offer in-app purchases.

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FAQ of Camera 360:

1. Can photos be saved on SD card clicked with Camera 360?

Ans: Sorry, that is not possible as Google never gives access to save the photos in SD card because the app is a third party application.

2. Can we make a video with Camera 360? How?

Ans: Well, definitely you can create a video with Camera 360 app. First of all, click on the flower-like that looks very colorful that is locate the right at the bottom corner. Now select more camera store.

3. When I synchronized my photos to Camera 360 cloud album, can anybody see my images?

Ans: No one can view your photos from cloud album except your tech team and you. Cloud album looks after your safety and security which means you are totally safe with cloud album. If you wish only you are the one who can share your images from cloud album to your friends.


Hence, we can say in 2016, Camera 360 apk is awarded as the most desirable selfie click app. However, they act more than the camera with outstanding features like funny stickers, photo filters, editing tools, nature effect etc. If you love these amazing features about this app then we have also given some ways to download and install the Camera 360 Apk file. Definitely, you will enjoy with the best selfie that you have got with 360 camera app. We will be glad if you social share it.

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