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Torrenting is something that is illegal now. Downloading content from a torrent site is illegal and can cause trouble if you are tracked down. Even when you visit a torrent site nowadays, you will be informed right on the Homepage of the site that your IP is XXXXXX and you are using XXXXX system configuration PC/Laptop. This means anyone can easily track you down using your IP and snatch out much more information that is leaked while you are visiting or downloading content from a torrent site or any other sneaky site. So to avoid getting your hands dirty, if you want to download content from a torrent you will need to use VPN.

VPN or a Virtual Private Network basically masks your IP address. Masking your IP will help you to take control of which place(country) you are downloading the content from, in short words, you will be highly untrackable even when you are downloading torrent content.

So if you want to know about the best VPN for torrenting then you have come to the right place. As today we will be talking about few of the best VPN services that you can get right now to mask your torrent content. Without further delay, let us have a look at the best VPN for torrenting.

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List of Best VPN for Torrenting:

1. Cyber Ghost VPN:

If you are new VPN user and you want to be safe all way around then Cyber Ghost VPN is for you. Yes, this VPN service comes for a price but it is worth investing in Cyber Ghost virtual private network. This is the best VPN service provider you can get right now which can help you out by simply being invisible to anyone on the internet, you will have privacy as a large business entrepreneur. And so if that is what you need and what then this is the VPN you should choose without thinking twice.

2. Hide.Me

The best VPN service for a daily normal internet user (yes, you who download stuff from torrent) will be the one that comes with many features like a paid VPN but is available for free. And if that is what you are looking for then Hide. Me is the VPN that you need. Hide. Me offer with 2GB of data per month with great security for Torrent user. So if you want a free VPN service then Hide. Me should be your first choice.

3. TunnelBear:

TunnelBear is yet another great premium virtual private network provider that helps you to browse and stay invisible on the internet. So if you are torrenting or visiting any illegal site(NOT SUGGESTED) you will be far from the risk of being tracked. TunnelBear is a paid service but you can enjoy one month of service completely for free. Sounds great right? Well, with TunnelBear you will definitely be able to enjoy strong encryption along with easy to use interface without a question.

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4. Express VPN:

Download anything that you want anonymously on the internet with Express Virtual Private Network. If you are a daily torrent downloader and you are serious about being tracked and inspected upon downloading from the torrent site then Express VPN offers with premium security for you. With Express VPN you will have a 30days money back guarantee ( which you will never need to claim) which means you can claim your money back if you are not satisfied with their service. Express VPN allows you to easily visit any blocked site or download anything from the internet hat might be illegal to download.

5. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is yet another great VPN service that is available for free to anyone who is torrenting daily. With no data cap, you will be able to download an unlimited amount of data without being tracked.  But if you want to use free Virtual Private Network with no data download limited while keeping you undercover from being tracked that you are torrenting then ProtonVPN is the last stop for you.

To conclude it with:

So these were the list of the best VPN that you can use right now to help you download torrent stuff easily. With these virtual private networks, you would be trackable online as well as even when you are browsing the internet. Though you may face a little slower internet connection, you only use it while torrenting then you are good to go. Hope this list of VPN was helpful for you. If you have used any of them the let us know which VPN you think is the best.

Using Torrent site is illegal, we don’t advise you to use the torrent site but if you are doing so, I suggest you do it anonymously. With that being said, download any of the VPN from the list above and enjoy downloading or browsing the internet without being tracked.

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