Best Unique Things You Can Do On Hug Day

Hug Day is one of the most beautiful days of Valentine Week. Hugs are miraculous medicines that when given someone takes away their pain all of a sudden. It’s scientifically proven that a good tight hug makes a person more happy and stress-free. Hug day is not all about a girlfriend – boyfriend hug, it could be anyone’s hug. Moreover, it has a medicinal effect too.

a good hug n hug day

Medicinal effects of Hugs

Hugs are incredible. They can lower blood pressure, boost spirit and reduce stress. The most beautiful aspect of hugging someone is that it brings stability in relationship and friendship both.

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Best things to do on Hugs Day 2016:

These are the some unique things, that you can do on this 2016 Hug Day. take a look.

Embrace your Parents: Nobody can take the place of parents in our life, isn’t it? They are our life-force without which we cannot imagine our existence. So, this Hug Day, embrace them tightly and let them know you care!

embrace with parents

Father And Teenage Son Having A Hug

Embrace your Loved Ones in a Unique Way: On this special, special day, why don’t you grab your friends, loved ones in a different way! Try out tackle hugs, bear hugs, one-armed hugs and chain hugs! Spread love unique way!!!

embrace loved ones on hug day

Hold Tight your Buddies, Friends and Pals: After parents, it’s friends who know us better, right? “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, Whether you need them at 2 AM to hang out or need a shoulder to lean on, you always find them by your side. Hold them tight this special day and let them know you would never allow them to go away!!!


Give Squizzing Hugs: While hugging somebody you love, adore, just squeeze them tightly! Give them the feel of being tucked strongly with the meaning behind you don’t wanna lose them in the future! Trust me, it means a lot!!!


Give Free Hugs to Random Person: Wanna others’ blessings while taking their pain away? Spread happiness by hugging some random people. Trust me, enjoying Hug Day would be truly pleasurable!

free hugs

So, buddies, what kind of hug you’re going to try this Hug Day? Whatever it would be, make sure the person knows the feelings behind!!!

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