Best Torrent Sites 2017 | Torrent Users Should Bookmark These Top Sites

A list of best Torrent sites 2017 will be listed on this post. If you are a frequent Torrent user then check out the best torrent downloading sites of 2017. Before we move on to list out the best Torrent sites, let us first know a bit about the torrent sites what is it all about? Well, Torrent sites are those places through which you can search and download your favorite music, videos, movies, apps, software, games, etc. with good quality and also with good leeches and torrent sites 2017

Torrent is also one of the most used P2P networks across. It has millions of file that will be shared in this network on daily basis. In the past years, the torrent has drastically increased to the number of sites of which some were best and some have gone down due to the matter of piracy.

Best Torrent Sites 2017 | Torrent Users Should Bookmark These

Well, with the large number of torrent sites to choose from you might be slightly confused which torrent would be the best. That is why we have decided to make your search easy by listing the best Torrent sites in this article so that you don’t encounter fake and vicious torrent file that may damage your device. So, check it out and start downloading your favorite music videos, software, and other stuff easily.

#1: Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads has been founded in the year 2011 which have continued to receive traffic. This site was previously not so popular among the users but now, it is one of the most popular and most visited torrent sites across the world. Because it allows the users to download any file with high quality from a different category.

You will also see on its home page, another popular torrent from various categories like latest movies, games, Anime, books, TV shows, software and much more that allows you to download it with good quality.

#2: Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound is another best torrent sites which were founded in the year 2007 and has gained a huge popularity since the launch. This torrent sites continuously gained good traffic and at present, it has got a very good and huge giant torrent database to choose from. It enables the users to get all the good quality torrent files for free.

On the home page of Torrent Hound, you will get all the details regarding total torrent, daily basis visitors, total trackers, total leeches, total seeds and total downloads. Not only that, you will also be able to see the most downloaded torrent sites and the most viewed for the past 24 hours.

#3: ISO Hunt

ISO Hunt was once a popular and best torrent sites but unfortunately, this torrent site has been shut down due to the concern of piracy. But after the has been completely shut down, in the year 2013, the developers has again launched its new torrent sites called that have drastically started gaining good traffic.

The new is not all affiliated to the previous and we are hoping that this new torrent site lasts long. This torrent site has got millions of hit daily and also has huge collections of torrent files according to category torrent download sites 2017

#4: Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent is again another best torrent sites 2017 that have got millions of visitors every day. This torrent site has gained a good traffic and is still gaining more traffic each day. Most of the users also land up to this torrent site from any other search too.

It has got a huge database of torrent files to choose from according to its category wise. Undoubtedly, Extra Torrent is one of the most active torrent communities available 0n the internet.

#5: TorrentZ

TorrentZ is yet another popular and best torrent sites. Although, it is considered as the torrent sites but not to be mistaken because it does not host any torrent file and does not allow the users to download any torrent file.

TorrentZ is basically a free search engine that has huge files from different sites. So, whenever any user views it and clicks to download the file, it will automatically redirect to the other torrent website.

The site also has several domain extensions where most of it are country based and the famous domain is So, if you want to download any torrent file though TorrentZ then you need to search the file through the search engine, after which it show you the torrent site where you can get your torrent file downloaded.

These are the best torrent sites 2017 for you choose and start downloading a torrent file using any one of the above sites. There are many more popular torrent sites available, however, we have listed only a few of them which have found to be the best, most trusted, most visited and downloaded sites at present. Through these sites, you will get all your torrent files with good quality as well as with good leeches and seeds so that you don’t need to worry about vicious or fake files harming your device.

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