Best Dropbox Alternatives 2017: Checkout Best Cloud Storage Battle

An alternative to Dropbox could really work for you if you are running out your Dropbox space. This is why here is best Dropbox alternatives 2017 for you. In the world of advancing technology, it wasn’t long back that we noticed the need of having a virtual space right in our hands. And this is where Dropbox dropped the bomb.

Best Dropbox alternatives 2017

Being one of the best ” Cloud Storage Providers,” Dropbox offers you with a cloud space to virtually store all your files right from your handheld device. And then also allows you to access the files from wherever and whenever you want.

Why Should You Go For Dropbox Alternatives?

Dropbox provides with just 2GB of virtual space (For Free Account) and offers more additional space when you share it with your friends. This can be really annoying as not every one of us use the same cloud storage providers. This is where the Dropbox competitors/alternatives come into the play. And also for the reason that every cloud storage provider offer variable cloud space and speed, users tend to opt for a different cloud storage service and also as alternatives to Dropbox.

Why Not Dropbox?

So today we are going to provide you with few of the Best Dropbox Alternatives of  2017 that you can choose from a variable cloud storage provider. And at the same time which will allow you to enjoy the different cloud storage services and help you to choose between the different Dropbox competitors.

List of Best Dropbox Alternatives- Choose From The Best Cloud Storage Providers:

3. Get The Best Cloud Storage Services:

With a lot of potential as one of the best alternatives to Dropbox. With you will be able to store files right from your tablet or phone with 10GB of cloud space. The only thing that will limit your user experience with is the file size that you will be able to store at once which is a mere 250MB but that doesn’t affect the user experience. It offers the user with many features that make one of the best alternatives to Dropbox.

cloud storage services


Features Offered By Get The Best Cloud Storage Services:

  • If you & your coworkers are working on the same project and want to keep saving them on a regular basis, then can help you out the most.
  • Save your contents and forget about it. With the best encryption settings and security, this procedure allows you to simplify your saving and even keep an eye over who is viewing your contents within your coworkers.
  • Your apps love and help you to keep all your favorite apps secured and connected to all the time. is one of the cloud storage providers who work to keep their customers satisfied with their vast cloud space and even expandable space which starts from just $6/month for 100/GB. is available for more than just one OS platform like iOS, Android, and Windows. This gives the power to be in the list of top Dropbox competitors and make one of the best  Alternatives to Dropbox.

2. One Drive- Best of Cloud Storage Providers:

One Drive offers you with 15 GB of Cloud Storage Space and allows you to store a variety of files that include documents, videos, pictures and much more. You will also be able to upload files of variable sizes without any size bounds that one of the best alternative Dropbox apps. Few of the Key Features of One Drive that makes One Drive one of the best Cloud Storage Providers available with the best Cloud Storage Services.

Cloud Storage Providers


Features Offered By One Drive- Best of Cloud Storage Providers:

  • You can access One Drive from anywhere on any device at any time.
  • You can work together with your coworkers are working on the same project and want to keep saving them on a regular basis then One Drive can help you out the most.
  • Keep all your different type of files organized in a different folder within One Drive to quickly access your desired file.
  • Search, Store & Synchronize all the data you want at a time making your work more fun.

The only drawback of One Drive is that with a lot of features to choose from makes One Drive a little heavy on the UI making it hard to use as compared to other alternatives to Dropbox. But surely this doesn’t make One Drive any less than strong Dropbox competitors with premium service starting from $1.99/month for 100GB cloud space.

1. Google Drive- One of The Best Dropbox Alternatives:

The Best Dropbox alternative that you can choose from is Google Drive. Google Drive offers you more than 7X the space offered by Dropbox which is a jaw-dropping 15GB of cloud space. You will also have no limit on file size that you will be able to upload at once. And not just that, you will be able to enjoy 15GB of storage space and that too for FREE. Yes, you have read it right, Google Drive offers a free 15Gb of data space which is the most compared to other Dropbox alternatives.

Alternatives to Dropbox


Features Offered By Google Drive- One of The Best Dropbox Alternatives:

  • You will be able to store any files on the vast 15GB cloud space, Starting from Images to Videos to Apps/Software and much more.
  • After storing your stuff, it would be a shame if you can’t access them when you need to. Google Drive allows you to access all the files you stored from anywhere at any time you want.
  • Sharing your files and folder has never been easier, well with Google Drive it is. Google Drive allows you to have easy and lets another view all the contents that you want to share with someone.

With Google Drive, you will be able to process and choose to capture your every moment and to save them over the cloud network. And if you are still falling short of space you can always choose to go for a premium version Starting from just $1.99 for 100GB and more.

So there you have it, guys, these were the list of few of the best Dropbox Alternatives 2017 that you can choose from all the cloud storage providers offering the best cloud storage services.

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