Best Call Recording Apps for Android Users- Record Phone Calls Like A PRO!

Many times we want to record voice call of someone special when we are far away from them. Through recording, you can listen to the voice of the person later from your android smartphone easily. This can be the best source of communication proof which gets helpful later in many specific situations.

Call Recorder for Android

There are many call recording apps for android which is made available in the official Google Play Store. However, all the available apps may not give good performances as desired in your android device. So, I am suggesting the best call recorder for android in this post which will be helpful to inspirers.

Best Call Recording Apps For Android:

Below are the apps which you can use to record phone calls in Android smartphones:

1. Call Recorder ACR

This is the most common mobile call recorder app used by most of the Android users. You can record incoming and outgoing calls easily and group the recordings with the date. There are features like Auto email and Auto delete old recordings that work effectively.

Call Recorder ACR app

This call recorder provides different recording modes such as number, contact, or non-contact with lots of recording formats. Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV, and FTP integration is also available in this app. Call Recorder ACR supports different formats such as 3GP, AAC, WAWE, 3GP and much more.

2. Automatic Call Recorder App

This is one of the best call recorders for Android devices that you can download from the official Google Play Store. You can record the calls and save the one you like to and you can also share it by adding some notes.

Automatic Call Recorder

It is integrated perfectly with Google Drive and synchronized and save with the help of Dropbox. This app provides three default settings that enable automatic recording such as record everything, ignore everything, ignore contacts, and in the pro version only.

3. Galaxy Call Recorder

You can also record calls from different contact sources and delete them when you no longer need it. You can use the automatic and manual mode for recording easily from your Android Smartphone. You can make calls, create an event, and send SMS from the app itself.

Galaxy Call Recorder for Android

This app provides highlighting, writing notes, play the deleted records from the notification, etc. You can create lock for security purposes for your recordings and you can unlock them whenever you like.

4. AllCall Recorder

This is one of the explosive media for recording calls in your Android Smartphone easily. There are multiple call recording options such as manual, temporary, etc. You can send the recorded calls via email, Bluetooth, messengers, etc.

All Call Recorder

You can save your conversation now in 3GP files and it records all the incoming, outgoing calls on your Android phones. You can easily prefer auto call record or manual call record with the password-protected feature.

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5. RMC: Record My Call

It supports two folders for saving your recordings and provides advanced rename feature as well. The automatic customizable channel, auto cleanup, trash folder, review, backup, restore, and many more options are available in this recorder app.

RMC Android Call Recorder

It is integrated with Google+ and you can delete your entire recording automatically. It supports MP3, MP4, AMR, 3GP, and WAV audio formats for recordings. This app supports automatic filter recording for Unknown Number, Known Number, incoming and outgoing calls.

6. Call Recorder Pro

This call recorder app is much advance and allows users to directly make a call from the app itself for recording. This is an international app for Android mobiles and Tablets. This app asks you to record any new call and you can search calls by a specific name and phone number. You can share the recordings via Bluetooth, Messages, and another medium easily.

Call Recorder Pro

This app is provided with password-protected recordings and also includes the auto-delete of old recordings. The app gives notification with the caller image and vibrates your device when the recording gets started. You can easily record your calls in formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, AMR, 3GPP, etc. Quick search, multiple recording formats, password protection, notification, and many more features are included in Call Recorder Pro.

7. Automatic Call Recorder

Don’t get confused, this is not the same as the above mentioned Automatic Call Recorder app. This call recording app is made for your Android device that comes with so many features. You can easily save your favorite calls to the “favorites” folder. There are recording filters that enable to record unknown number, contacts, etc.

Automatic Call Recorder 2

There are many management features such as auto-delete old messages, autosaves, WAV high audio quality, etc. You can save your recorded files with others and sync it to Dropbox and Google Drive easily. It enables you to choose separate recording options for all your contacts as well in this app.

8. Smart Auto Call Recorder

This is another interesting audio call recording apps for Android available on Google Play Store. There are many audio recording features and formats available in this app via which you can save the recording securely in your device. The recording is possible in formats such as MP3, MP4, MVP, etc. This app works automatically and it is much easier to check out your desired audio files from your device.

Smart Auto Call Recorder

Sharing the recorded files via Bluetooth and Whatsapp is absolutely easy and you can easily delete the old audio files from your device. Automatic recording is possible with Smart Auto Call Recorder which requires no alert or notification for recording.

9. Automatic Call Recording

This app has an easy user interface with excellent graphics that provides a good recording. The incoming and outgoing calls can be easily recorded by pressing the recording button and later saving it in Google Drive.

Automatic Call Recorder

This app provides the password for all the recorded files which prevent others from getting access to your important and personal recordings. This is the best way to remember or recollect the topics which you had discussed in your conversation. The call recorder app works both automatically and manually which you can prefer according to your flexibility.

Now, record your desired calls and save it in your SD card easily splitting into different folders in your Android device. The above discussed are some of the best call recording apps for Android and you can use it for maximum android devices. Enjoy the fun of recording calls and listening later when you desire.

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