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Best Android Launcher: Android Launcher app is an application which helps you to manage the home screen of your android phone. And it will also help you to perform all the basic operation in your phone in a very creative way. When you buy a new android phone and bring home, you will again see the same old look into your phone. Before there was no such technology but now you are made available with a new innovative way to change the look of your phone.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the best Android Launcher app, that will give you stylish and best-featured launcher app.Best Android Launcher


Top 5 Best Android Launcher App for Android device

There are so many Android Launcher apps in the Google play store. So when you search by yourself you will find it to be as same as the default App launcher and it won’t entertain you much. Therefore, here we have a list of top 5 best android launcher which will help you to get the best fitted for your style.

And the list of Android Launcher apps are as shown below-

Arrow Launcher

Arrow launcher is one of the top free Android launchers. If you are bored with the same old default launcher and the same app display them, here you download the Arrow launcher app and experience the whole new stylish design. When you download the app, you will know that you have unlocked many new and awesome tools for your android phone homepage.

Arrow Launcher has some of the best and unique features like battery and memory saving technology. They are fast, lightweight and built with many beautiful wallpapers updated daily. The common features are like Apps customization, you can manage the recent activity like phone calls, text messages, photos, file downloads, and app installs. You can set reminders by which you can manage your huge task from a single pathway.

Best Android Launcher

Click here to Download Arrow Launcher

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher comes with the best but simple system functionality. They are easy to use and resembles much to that of the default android launcher. But yet, they also come with some of the best features that will make your phone flexible and accessible easily.

The current features of Google Now include- Swipe right for getting the Home screen. Quick Access to search and surf internet on the home screen, you can also access directly you’re your Voice by simply saying ‘Ok Google’ and this will help you to operate your phone like sending a text message, navigation, play a song etc. There is also A-Z apps list which you can search and browse your apps with fast scrolling functions.

Best Android Launcher

Click here to Download Google Now Launcher 

Hola Launcher- Theme, Wallpaper

Hola Launcher is a simple and beautiful launcher which is provided with powerful tools. This app gives All-in-one interface and having features like speed booster, battery saver, charging protector and app manager. And all these are very essential for an android phone. This not only gives you top tools for your phone but also is provided with new themes and wallpapers that you can customize your phone with a unique style. Besides all these, this app also functions as lock screen by which you can lock your apps, hide your apps and file etc.

Best Android Launcher

Click here to Download Hola Launcher

Launcher 8 WP style

The new Android launcher 8 WP is a very innovative app, that will give you the experience of windows phone on your Android device. This app launcher will allow you to get the home screen of the Windows phone on your Android phone. Besides the look, this app also has more features like Ads-block, custom tile which comes in different color, additional features like tiles, time, LED light, Live Gallery and Live contact. For secure usage, this app also gives you Lock Screen features with different password setting like pin, pattern etc. It also includes DIY folder that has Hide & lock folders with a password, tons of theme and much more.

Best Android Launcher

Click here to Download Launcher 8 WP Style

Solo launcher

The solo launcher is a very smart all in one app. You can clean cache memory to boost speed, clears storage, and saves memory for faster operative. You can customize your device using the tons of beautiful themes, wallpapers, and smart widgets which are also fast and easy to install. Beside all these, Solo will also allow you to protect your device as they have its own Lock screen system.

Solo launcher’s one of the unique features is having the function for a right slide that will give you the full content and updates of the Solo app. And it also has the Smart Home Screen Icon Management which will allow you to customize the home screen according to your style.

Best Android Launcher

Click here to Download Solo Launcher

How to download Android Launcher App

When you have chosen your favorite Android launcher app, you can now download and install it on your phone. And the steps to download are as follows-

  1. You may click on the above given links in each of the apps or simply go to the Google play store to download.
  2. Next, when you enter the particular app store, now click on the install button to download and install the app.
  3. The download and install process will take few minutes depending on your internet speed.
  4. Soon it will get installed and now you can open the app. So you can now use the new Android launcher and leave behind your old Home screen and switch to the new one.


So these are all the important details about the Best Android launcher and the top 5 list of apps. There are so many apps but these 5 are the best with its unique features if you want to use the Windows phone home screen you can get it right away. Hope you have found your desired Android Launcher app, and hope you to get full control on your personal device. So for more latest trends and details, keep visiting our site and please do comment your point of views.

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