Beginners Guides for How to Use Cydia for iOS

Cydia is an “App” and it’s quite similar to the App Store. Cydia app helps you to store lots of different another app. But, there are many iOS users still don’t know how to use the Cydia app. Sometimes, most people suffer from this issue or they can’t keep another favorite app on their iOS device. So, I will try to give you the simplest way to use the Cydia app for your iOS device.

Cydia iphone

But, first, you need to ensure that whether your iOS device is jailbroken or not. If it’s not, then do it now. There are lots of benefits that you’ll get after jailbreaking your iOS device such as, you can install a lot of tweaks from Cydia and your iPhone or iPad will become faster than before. You may not get many tweaks available on the App Store, but through the Cydia app, you can install those tweaks immediately.

Beginners Guide to Use Cydia:

If there is not Cydia App pre-installed on your iOS device, then you can go for the iPhone Search or find out for this image given below. All you have to do is to Click on that image and it may take a couple of minutes to load for the first time. But make sure that you enabled or connected with the internet connection.

Cydia Image

Moreover, Cydia offers you free tweaks and paid tweaks which will help you to get other apps in both ways. Now, let’s move on to the Cydia app’s features. Before that, you need to download the Cydia App.

Once, you finished downloading the Cydia App, just tap on Cydia app sign and you’ll see its reloading and update Cydia sources. It may also take more or less time depending on your internet connection speed. The home screen of the Cydia App will appear on your device’s display when you loaded successfully.

Cydia App home screen will look like this:

Cydia Home Page

You can see the five sections on the home screen, I will try to explain in a simple way which will help you to understand easily.

  • Cydia: it’s a Homepage sign.
  • Sections: You can Browse the tweaks by tapping on the “Sections” option.
  • Changes: You’ll get lots of new tweaks and previously upgraded installed tweaks are available in it.
  • Manage: You can able to Add and replace the sources.
  • Search: This is the most unique and wonderful feature that will help you find any tweaks.

Info: Cydia Sections

This will help you a little more to understand about those sections and hope you’ll get enough information to use Cydia App here as you are a just newbie with this app.

  • Sections: This is the way to find out all tweaks and lots of exciting themes listed in the particular category. This will help you to browse tweaks easier under the certain section. You can search for ringtone, or search for lots of themes on Cydia app.
  • Changes: This section provides you two purposes. If you have pre-installed tweaks from Cydia, then it will show you whether any upgrade is available or not, and also you’ll get all new tweaks added to Cydia according to date.
  • Manage Section: If you add lots of new sources, then you can do cool things with the Cydia App. Example: you can install Installous using by particular repo and also can uninstall the installed tweaks applying to manage section earlier.
  • Search: This is where you can search for anything or other apps for your iOS device.

However, Cydia is the better way to store your other apps on your iOS device. But, first, you have to download the Cydia App and, then follow the instructions to use the Cydia app easily. There more or less information for newbies to Cydia, but I explained as simple as I could. I hope that’s enough to give you to use the Cydia app.


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