Bahubali Game Download Free Official Version for All Platforms

If anyone asks what is trending in India these days? Undoubtedly, the answer will be ‘Baahubali’. Not just in India but also can be seen a significant wave in worldwide about this epic historical Indian movie. You might like to have Bahubali game download free on your device. If yes, here is a free download link for you to enjoy the same excitements of this movie with this official Bahubali game.bahubali game download free for all platforms

The movie broke almost all the past records when it comes to success and popularity. So it was almost obvious that the game will come as soon as the movie release. If you were also eagerly waited for the Bahubali game then your wait is over. Here you will get every single detail about the game along with the Bahubali game free download procedure.

Bahubali Game Free Official Version for All Platforms:

The Bahubali game is developed by Moonfrog Strategy and it available for free. If you love playing strategic games then you will love this game for sure. If you play or played clash of clans then you will find many similarities with this game. The strategy is also quite similar to clash of clans.

Bahubali Game: Gameplay and Strategies

You will find many similarities of the game with the epic story of Baahubali movie. Here you will be given a village named Mahishmati, there you need to build your fort so that your village become the mightiest of all. You need to build a strong defense with the archer towers and spear towers. Can be built traps such as spike traps and snake traps and get an arrow machine which will destroy all your enemies.

You will be provided barracks where you can train your enemies and build a strong army. A war library also will be there where you can do research. When you will attack your enemy, you can destroy their village using the powerful war elephants and the long-range catapults. There will be thieves in your army which will help you to capture enemies’ resources.Bahubali official game free download

There will be certain priests which will heal your enemy by the blessings of the gods of Mahishmati. You need to unlock the powerful heroes with your capability. All the heroes come with some unique attack style such as lion punch of Bahubali; summon guards of Katappa and the chain mace of Bhallaladeva. With these heroes, you can create a terror in the minds of enemies.

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To win any battle you can use special spells and rally to weaken or destroy the enemy village. In the beginning level, you can fight solely against the cruel Kalakeyas. You need to battle against others to become the most powerful Senapati of Mahishmati. This is basically a multiplayer game which you can play along with your friends by creating a clan. In a clan, you can fight more efficiently with the help of your friends.

Process to Free Bahubali Game Download

Till now this game is available for free download only for Android devices. To play this game you will be needed a strong and stable internet connection. Minimum Android version 4.0 with 512 MB RAM is required to play this game smoothly. If your device fulfills all the criteria then Bahubali Game download is right below that you can download for free on your Android device.

[Click Here Bahubali Game Download Free Official Version]

If you played or play clash of clans and liked it then you will love this game for sure. This game is nothing but a copy of clash of clans, just the name of the troops and defense are different. Everything and strategies are same to the Baahubali Movie or their epic historical strategy.

This game is good for killing time if you liked Baahubali movie. Or if you love playing strategic games then you will love this game for sure. Bahubali game download is available for free and playing so it’s worth giving it a try. If you want to progress quickly in this game then you can do it with the in-app purchases. Playing this game is fun and I bet you won’t regret if you try this game.


  1. Shravanthi says:

    Please launch Bahubali game in iOS also..

    • Pyare Debbarma says:

      hi Shravanti,
      Thanks for communicating with us.. Yes, there is no Baahubali game for iOS but I will let you know when it will get launched

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