ASUS Zenfone AR Price in India and Specs Indepth Review

ASUS Zenfone AR price in India not yet announced, for that you have to wait for the official statement. All you have to do is wait for the Global release for this ASUS  flagship and read the ASUS Zenfone AR review before you spent a good money on it. I have come with a complete ASUS Zenfone AR review and will give you some idea for Asus Zenfone Price in India.

There are many brands that manufacture Smartphone’s and they try amaze with something new for the audience. In the case of specifications and features, people want new addition whenever they buy a phone or gadgets. As of these, recently ASUS has showcased their ASUS Zenfone AR in CES 2017 event. asus-zenfone-ar-in-price-india

ASUS has declared that their newest release will have various upgraded features and specifications than the other models. In addition, this phone is built with AR technology which will also give you some additional access to do execute some amazing task. So below I am going to analyze the specifications of this smartphone and will give my review according to it.

ASUS Zenfone AR: Build for Augmented Reality

The ASUS Zenfone AR is one of the much-awaited releases of Asus in 2017; it will have all the amazing VR features. Yes, after its release ASUS successfully attract the attention of smartphone freaks with their Augmented Reality feature in CES 2017 event. This phone will have the efficiency to generate 3D maps, and the main feature is Augmented Reality from which the phone is named. This technology of AR will help the users to get a room mapping, motion tracking and exact perception through three cameras installed in it. This phone will also have 35 AR applications to execute different task related to Augmented Reality. In this smartphone, ASUS has also demoted a GAP VR app which will help the users to try clothes anywhere rather visiting a store.

ASUS Zenfone AR Price in India – Specification and Review:

ASUS Zenfone AR will be loaded with some of the amazing specification that the Smartphone Industry will see for the first time. So following are the detailed list of specification of this Phone.


ASUS Zenfone AR comes with 5.7-inch display with the Super AMOLED panel. The Display is of Quad HD 2560 X 1440 which enables you to play HD quality videos with easy and the 5.7-inch big display also gives you clear view of the images and videos. It has been provided with gorilla glass which resists it from cracking.

This is supported by a relevant display which enables you to play HD Videos with better viewing and also enables you to enjoy those high graphics games.


ASUS Zenfone AR has a 23 Mega Pixel rear Camera, which will enable you to click amazing photos with good quality. It also has 8 Mega Pixel front camera which will help you to take selfies of yours with nice viewing quality. It has two additional cameras for AR so that you can view better 3D imaging of anything you take a photo.


This is a performance oriented phone with quad-core Snapdragon processor which will run the applications on your phone easily without facing any problem. ASUS is also offering 8 GB RAM for this phone, making it the first phone to have the honor in the world of Smartphones. The 8GB RAM will help you to play high graphics games and run applications easily on your phone. price of Asuz Zenfone AR would be fair in India

Asus Zenfone price in India expected to be fair regarding its performance; this ASUS device would be a definite pick for performance oriented people. So, you can do all the performance oriented works with this powerful phone. According to its powerful CPU and a whopping 8GB RAM you can do gaming, watching videos and multitasking easily.


The phone comes with various storage options 23/64/128/256 GB storages, according to your need you can go to the storage. And the Ram capacity also comes in two types 4/8 GB, so that people can go with according to their needed performance.

This phone is giving huge storage options with 128/256 GB, which makes it a better choice for people who loves to download and store huge files on their device. The 4/8 GB RAM also helps you to maintain that kind of huge storage while running various files.


ASUS Zenfone AR is powered by a 3,300mAh battery, with that 5.7-inch large screen and a high-performance CPU the battery backup is very disappointing. Now a day the other brands are providing with a powerful battery, even most of ASUS Zenfone smartphones are does have huge battery capacity in cheaper price and ASUS also provide powerful battery for its other models. But it was really shocking to me that with this kind of amazing Phone and the battery would be that much disappointing.

Special Specifications – AR Technology:

Augmented Reality is a new technology that ASUS has added in their newest smartphone with the three cameras provided in this phone you can view your photos in 3D. And this phone also provide you with 35 AR supporting apps to do many tasks such as you can virtually try new clothes without visiting a shop.

ASUS Zenfone AR Price in India:release date and price ASUS zenfone AR India

ASUS Zenfone AR price in India with 64GB storage may cost around Rs.39,999 thousand in India, and the128/256 GB will cost much higher price than the other. So let us hope for the best price for this phone.

ASUS Zenfone AR is a performance oriented phone according to the above-mentioned features and specifications. As this just launched at CES 2017, there is no official commitment to launch in India so, wait for the official statement for ASUS Zenfone AR price in India. Everything about this phone must be relevant to the users, but the battery is a little bit disappointing. So you can go with this phone if you are not thinking of battery longevity and you will go only with performance.

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