Top 5 best WiFi booster app for your Android Phone

In this era we all run for WiFi networks, searching for WiFi networks here and there. If you are having WiFi in your house or near by house which you can access with your Android Phone but after sometime you found out that the network is giving very less speed. In this situation what you only can do is, there is a app category as WiFi booster app which helps you in boosting the WiFi network where you are connected with your android phone. This app is used for boosting the weak WiFi networks, there may be many issues which have made your WiFi network slow, issues can be like number of channels, Channel strength etc.

It is not possible to find out the good WiFi network near by you, so it has been a huge challenge to get good strength. So in any case we need WiFi booster app for our android phone but there is many WiFi booster app that are not good and some are fake. So you need to some app that is really helpful to you. Hence, I have brought you some top 5 WiFi booster app for your Android phone.

Now let’s look upon the top 5 WiFi booster app for your android phone. This apps will surely help you boosting your WiFi network.

Top best WiFi boosting app for Android Phone

1. WiFi analyzer: This is the best app for your android phone, this app helps in searching the good strength WiFi network near by you. This app will turn your Android Phone in to WiFi analyzer hence, helping you find out the best router WiFi near you and this app also shows the graph of the network of the WiFi near you. You can enjoy using WiFi analyzer app to get the best WiFi network.

WiFi analyzer WiFi boosting app

2. WiFi manager: This app is freely available in Google play store and this app is mostly used by those people who are very much concerned about the WiFi network range and WiFi connectivity. This app will show you a graphical radar which will help you in finding out the strongest WiFi networks near by you and connect to the strongest WiFi network near by you.

WiFi booster app

3. WiFi Overview 360: This app is mostly used by every users and you can also get this app freely in google play store easily. This app will help you in finding out the  strongest and better WiFi network for you. The WiFi will also show you the strength graph of the particular WiFi channels that you are connected in and also the other WiFi channels.

WiFi booster app

4. Fresh Network Booster: This is WiFi booster app that will help you boosting your WiFi networks. This app is for free and can be easily downloaded through Google Play, this app gives you no limitation or boundary you which means you can do any thing with your networks. This app can get you new data cell or tower like getting connected in a fresh network. This app also comes with a gurantee to boost up your network, the app also is very easy to use and users friendly.

WiFi booster app

5. Network Booster Free: This is the WiFi booster app that will help you to boost the network or get you better network. This app will boost your phone signal and reconnect to the network in new which will give you better speed and better strength. This app is compatible with different types of phone model and is easy to use.

WiFi booster app

This are the best top 5 WiFi boosting app for your android phone. This apps are very much used and are popular in every users of android phone, this apps are guranteed that it will surely boost your WiFi network. I hope that this have helped you alot in helping your problems with your WiFi networks in your android phone. If you have got any problems with the above given app or with boosting the WiFi network then you can comment in the comment box. You will obviously get help through the comment.


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