Top 10 Sites to Watch Upcoming Bollywood Movies

Movies are one of the best source of entertainment and also a great stress relief option that you can try after your work hour  or with your family and friends. There are many websites available through which you can watch movies, videos, TV shows online. Also you can watch the upcoming movies, movie trailer online.

Sometimes its quite difficult to find the right website for watching movies or movie trailer as there are numerous number of sites, so to solve this problem here in this article i am going to write a list of Top 10 Websites where you can watch Upcoming Bollywood movies as well as watch online movies, movie trailers, videos etc.


Top 10 Sites for Bollywood Movies

1. is the website with the well professional look which is exclusively for the one who wants to watch Bollywood movies. Here you can watch bollywood movies with tariler, upcoming movies. The website is also home to Hindi-language Music Videos and TV Shows too. Depending on what you are seeking, you can choose from the tabs on the homepage.

2. is a very popular website, which is a great library of free full movies. Fast, easy to use and good quality streaming movies. SolarMovie simplifies the way to watch full Bollywood movies as well as upcoming movies.  If you cannot find your favorite Bollywood movie anywhere else, you are sure to find it on

3. WoloWtube

It is one of the newer site on the web for free movie streaming. Basically it is a movie search engine, with collection of more than 15000+ titles and all of them are in good quality. Layout is simple. It is a new type of site and we recommend you to try it.


Here you will find an entire section for FREE ONLINE MOVIES & MUSIC, i.e. Bollywood movies with the upcoming movie lists. It is more of a forum than a full-fledged website.

5. Free Movie Linker

Watching free movies online is really a very easy with the Free Movie Linker. Here you can get a huge number of latest free HD bollywood movies collection. You don’t need to sign up or downloading to watch movies. On the homepage itself, you’ll see new movies section, where you’ll find a large number of latest released new movies available in HD. You may easily watch new movies streaming online with Free Movie Linker.

6. MyDownloadTube

This is the site where you can watch as well download latest HD movies for free. No matter whether you want to download free movies, free games for PC or watch movies online, MyDownloadTube has got everything for you. It allows you to stream movies online and watch movies without downloading.

7.  JustMoviez

It is one of the best sites to watch movies online without downloading. Not only watch movies, you can also watch TV serials, as well as you may find useful information like releasing date, story line, actors, directors, upcoming movies trailers, screenshots, viewers comments, reviews, reactions as well as locations from where they are streaming and much more about any movies.


It is another good website to watch your favorite Bollywood movies by presenting you with streaming links on the page of each Bollywood movie. The links are displayed with the name of the website where the video is actually hosted, so you can click on a link depending on where you would prefer to watch it.

9. Mega Share

In Mega Share, you can find all the new movies and upcoming movies, trailers. Not only this they are also having a catalog in which you can find all the popular TV shows.  This is the most convenient website to look online movies. There are no ads or additional frustrating links. It is simple and easy.

10. Hulu

Here you can watch online free movies, trailer of new movies and upcoming movies, TV episodes etc. You can stream hit Bollywood movies in HD quality.

So, this is the list of some of the best websites where you can watch Free movies online as well as the upcoming movies, videos, TV shows online. Hope you like the list. NOW ENJOY.


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