How to Make Animated GIF Images From YouTube Videos

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format and is introduced in 1987. Animated GIF images have been come to web on our visual display since 1997. GIF image is actually a combination of several or multiple images in to a single file. When we click on that image it will play in a loop just like a video file playing.

Now a days we all sees GIF images in the social media sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or many other sites. Some popular brands like Pizza Hut, FIAT etc, they use GIF images to their publicity purpose and make them viral in social networking sites. Just like them you also make your own GIF image file and share it on social media to introduce your any brand or just you can make and share for entertain others. For example: you can make a GIF file of any funny videos and share it to your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other site wherever you want.

making of GIF from youtube

Even you can make a GIF images from YouTube Video also. Its very simple. Here in this post i will tell you, how you can make a GIF image from a YouTube video. Let’s take a look.

How to make GIF Images from YouTube Videos:

Before i further proceed, take a look on how can you use GIF images for different purposes.

  • If you are a owner of any production business, then also you take advantage of GIF images. Make a GIF image of the making of your product or a sample of your features of your product and share it so that your customers are able to see your products variety and features.
  • Another way is if you are doing YouTube Marketing, then also you can use this to marketing your products on YouTube as it is the best way of marketing any new product or describe the features of anything new that comes in to the market.

Now, lets proceed to the main thing. Here is the tutorial on how to make a GIF image from a YouTube video.

Tutorial on Making a GIF image from YouTube Video

  • First browse to in your computer and find any video from that you want to make a GIF image file.
  • Now, follow one of the two way. Either you can copy the URL of that video and paste it to the site ‘‘. OR simply on Youtube, in that video URL write “gif“. You have to write it in the beginning of that video’s URL but after the ‘www.‘  ( For example: ) and after that press Enter.
  • Now you will be redirected  to a new window of ‘’.
  • Here First you have to Add a Title of that file and select the portion of the video which you want to make a GIF file. There is a slide bar, where you have to select starting time of that video. Then set the duration of the file. Or you can adjust it through your mouse pointer on the ‘slide to set duration’ option.
  •  After selecting the start time and duration, click on ‘Create GIF’ options.

That’s it. Now link this GIF image file using any of your social media account and share it to that site. Pretty simple task right?

This is the simple method of creating a GIF image file from any YouTube Video.  Hope you too will enjoy making GIF file like me.  Now, Make Animated GIF image file and share it to your friends and on social networking sites for promotion purposes also.


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