How to Transfer Files From PC to Android Phone Wirelessely

It’s been time for wireless every where, now people doesn’t refer using cable that much every body wants to use wireless connection because it looks smarter then that of cable. Same is when we transfer our files from computer to our mobile or tablets, this days no body carries USB cable with them as it takes space and also some times it get torn off internally, but except carrying USB cable every where every body  prefers wireless transfer system as it gives no tension of nonsupporting cable ports.This article will especially guide you how to transfer files from PC to android phone wirelessely.

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When we go with transferring files with the help of USB cable then it always have been a difficulty that you won’t be able to do any other work, if yo do then the speed of transferring file will be slow or will be canceled. But you won’t get that problem when you go for wireless file transfer, especially for android phone users there are many app which help to transfer files wireless like using WiFi or Bluetooth. But question will arise that How to Transfer Files From PC to Android Phone Wirelessely.

As I have stated above that his article will guide you in transferring file from PC to android phone wirelessely, read more to know more:

Transfer Files from PC to Android Using WiFi:-

The most best way of transferring files from PC to android is by using WiFi, there are many app that you can use for transferring files from PC to Android using WiFi. But the most famous app use for that purpose is Filedrop app for android. Let’s go with the methods:

  • Firstly you will need to download the File drop app in your android phone from google play or from their official site, then you will also need to download the companion app for your computer. After all the process of download is been done then open the app both in your Android phone and also in your PC and click on the scan button on both the device.
  • Now secondly your PC will ask you which type of device you want to connect, then you select on mobile as you are transferring file from you PC to android phone. You will also be ask to prompt your device code in it.
  • Don’t worry about the code because the code can be found on clicking on option button in the device app. Now enter the code in your PC  and you will see that your PC got paired with your Android phone.
  • Now you can transfer files wirelessely, you may think that transferring files steps may be hard but to your luck you will just need to drag and drop the files which you want to transfer in the Program window of your PC. Ain’t the steps easy.
  • If  you want to transfer files from your Android phone to PC then it is no more hard just tap on the PC option on your Android phone. Then select the chosen files and send it to your PC.

That’s all that you need to do for transferring files from PC to Android phone using WiFi. May be before you don’t know that by using WiFi you can not only connect to free internet but you can also transfer files smartly from PC to your Android Phone.

Hence now you have learnt new thing that is how to transfer files from PC to Android Phone using WiFi. The steps are easy but if you are finding any difficulty in downloading the app or sending files then you can share with us in the comment box below.


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