How To Root Android Phone Without Computer PC

How To Root Android Phone Without PC | Root Android Without Computer: Now many of you guys might be quite familiar with the term Rooting Android device as we all want our Android Device to outperform other Android device and one of the most simplest answer to this question is Rooting your Android device.

root android phone without Computer Pc

Now rooting an Android with Computer is quite easy because all the technical stuffs of Rooting an Android Device is done by the Windows Computer but many of us wants to know how to root android without PC or computer. As the Web is flooded with the question of how to root Android without Computer here we will take a guide on How to Root Android Phones and Tablets without PC | Computer.

Rooting an Android Phone or Tablet contains many technical stuffs which you will need to keep in mind because if a rooting is not done properly it could have a negative effect on your Android device. So first of all you will need to learn all the details about rooting or jailbreak Android.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process by which you can attain the “Privileged Control” of your Android device which is know as “Root Access” and that will let you bypass all the restriction of your Smartphone manufacture. In other word Rooting is an process by which you can jailbreak the firewall of the Android device.

Now to root  you can use your Computer or PC but most of us are in search of how to root Android without Computer or PC.

Rooting has many Advantages and Disadvantages on your Android Device and here are some of them.

Advantages of Rooting Android Device:

Now if you are preparing to root android without Computer then you will need to understand what are the advantages that you will get with your Android device if you root your Android without Computer.

  1. Rooting your Android Device will give you full control and authority over your Android device.
  2. Now rooting your Android device will give you huge internal memory that will give you enough memory for all your files and apps.
  3. Now “root access” of your Android device will let you use all the apps that needs root access of your device.
  4. Rooting your Android device will let you uninstall all the pre-install apps that you get from the manufacture of your Mobile device.
  5. Now the best thing about Rooted Android device is that it allows the users to install custom ROM which will change the whole look of your Android Device.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Device:

  1. The first disadvantage of rooting your Android Device is that it will void your Android Smartphones warranty.
  2. Another disadvantage of rooting an Android Device is that it is very technical and if you does any mistake while rooting it can hang and make your Android Device bricked.
  3. Rooting will make your device not available to get all the latest updates.

Now that you know all the details about Android Rooting and now you also know about the disadvantages and advantages of rooting Android Without Computer PC. So now here is the guide on how to root Android Without Computer PC.  

Preparation Before Rooting:

  1. Back Up all your important files including Contacts, Videos, Music, Apps etc to your SD card and remove the SD card from your Android Device.
  2. Your Deice should have a minimum battery life of 50%.

Root Android Device Without Computer PC:

Here in the guide below we will root an android device without Computer PC One Click Root App.

  1. First of all you will need to install the Framaroot apk app file on your Android device or You can click here to download it on your device.
  2. Now Go to the Phone Settings>>Security>>Check the Box of “Install Apps from Unknown Source” and then click on the apk file that you have downloaded on your Android Device.
  3. Once you have successfully install the Framaroot Android App on your Android Device you will need to open it.
  4. Then you will need to choose the “Install Superuser” from the drop down menu.
  5. Then you will just need to choose any of those exploits.
  6. After that you will need to wait for few seconds until the message comes saying “Success, SU Binary,and SuperUser Install”.

Now if you have followed the given steps correctly then you will be successful in rooting Android without Computer PC.  

Disclaimer: Rooting should be done on your own risk and the site will not be hold responsible for any damage to the device while rooting and whatsoever.


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