How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android

How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android: Do you own multiple Instagram Accounts? Then you might certainly want to know how to run multiple Instagram Accounts on Android. As managing two Instagram Account on a single Android Device is quite difficult as it will contain logging in and logging out from one account to the other account.

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So now here in this Article we will take a look at the guide on how to Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android. So that you will need have to go on skipping from one Instagram account to the other.

Instagram is one of the leading Social Media Website where you will be able to share your Photos and Videos with your Friends and Family members. Now as Instagram being so useful many of use want to use two or more Instagram Account but the catch about it is that it is very difficult to manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android.

So here in this article we will provide you with the App that will let you run multiple Instagram accounts on Android device.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android:

Now there are many apps in the market that offers the facility to run multiple Instagram Accounts on Android and one of the most famous one being the Phonegram as it allows to use two Instagram accounts on Android. But even this app fails to lead up to the expectation when it comes to posting pictures on your Multiple Instagram Account.

But don’t freak out now as here I will be revealing the app that will allow you to use multiple Instagram Accounts and not only that it will also allow you to post pictures on your Instagram Accounts.

The app that we will be using to run two Instagram account on Android is called Instwogram. And it will let you manage multiple Instagram Account on Your Android Device easily.

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Install Instwogram To Run Two Instagram Accounts on Android:

Now Instwogram can be regarded as a close relative to Instagram or it can just be regarded as a clone of Instagram developed by Me-Nex S. So when you are using this App with your Official Instagram App on your Android basically it means that you are running two Instagram Account on Android.

Features of Instwogram:

Now here are some of the features that you will get with Instwogram which makes it better that any other apps available.

  • No Root Access is required for the App to run on your Android Device.
  • You can post Photos and videos normally as the Instagram.
  • You can manage multiple Instagram Account using Instwogram.
  • You can Follow your Friends and Family normally like Instagram.

Use Instwogram To Run Two Instagram Account:

  1. First of all you will download the App Instwogram on your Android Phone.
  2. Now once you have downloaded the app on your Android device you will have to install the app on your device by clicking on the file you have downloaded.
  3. Now you will need to follow the on screen instruction given for installation and you will need to grand few permission for the App to complete its installation.
  4. Now once you have installed the App you can launch the app on your Android device and you can either Sign Up for new account or you can Log in to your old account.
  5. And that’s it !! Now you will have two Instagram account on your Android device. One is your Official Instagram App and the other is Instwogram.

Now that’s all you will need to do to run two Instagram Account on Android Device and then you will be able to manage multiple Instagram App on Your Android Device.

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