How to Download imessage for Windows PC

Messaging is mostly used more then calling, So there are many apps for messaging online or offline. There are many different apps for different mobile categories for messaging, so that people feel comfortable who maximum use the messaging app as their way to connect people regularly. Such an popular messaging app is imessage but as imessage is only released for iPhone users, there is a problem for ho love imessage app but can not use because they are not having iPhone with them.


This all problems are going to get solved today, as I’m going to tell you the most interesting news by hearing which your mouth will be wide open because of happiness. The news is that ” Now you can use imessage on your windows PC” isn’t the news interesting. Yes, it is now possible to chat people through imessage from your windows PC, just the thing you need to do is to follow some steps carefully. This article will help you in using imessage app in your Windows PC.

Lets look upon the features that you are going to get on using imessage on your windows PC.

Features of imessage in windows PC:

Here are some of the features of imessage on your windows PC:

  • Other then any sending message you will e able send music and videos easily across many iPhone users.
  • The speed is great so that you can message instantly to your friend using imessage.
  • Setting up of group chat with your friend circle has become easier.
  • You can also see whether some other is typing any text or not.

And the obvious thing is that the benefit which you will be getting on you using imessage in your windows PC will be almost same as the benefit you get when you use imessage in your iPhone.

imessage on PC

Step to be followed:

Here are some steps that you would need to follow to download imessage on your Windows PC:

  • Firstly you need to go to the official site of ipadian.
  • Secondly you got to download the software which comes totally free of cost.
  • After the download is completed successfully you proceed to install the app by clicking the exe file. The process of installing is the same just follow the steps shown in the screen of your PC.
  • After completing the process of installation. Open the app by clicking on the icon from the menu bar.
  • Now search for imessage app here in the search box. Click on the icon then it will automatically download the app in your PC.
  • All the process has been completed. Now for opening the imessage app on your PC you just need to search the imessage app on the ipadian app window.

Hence, finally you can now use imessage on your PC with all those benefits that you get in using imessage on your iphone and getting benefits of sending message instantly.

Pros and cons of using imessage in Windows:

Pros of imessage in windows:

  • You will be able to send an instant message to your friend.
  • Sharing of music and videos will be easy with imessage on your Windows PC.
  • Group chat will be easy to create.

Cons of imessage in windows:

  • You will be able to send message only to iPhone users.
  • There will not so friend circle as it is only livable to iPhone users.

Finally you can enjoy using imessage in your Windows PC with out any problems and having the same features as in mobile. This is all you need to get imessage in you PC and get connected with your friends circle, I hope that this article have helped you a lot in solving the problems of not having imessage in your device. You can share out your some of the problems that you are facing while getting imessage in your PC or while using imessage in your PC. That’s all for today,see you with the next article next time, till then stay happy getting connected with your friends through imessage.



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