How to Block Website in Google Chrome

If you have any kid, and they are addicted in many social media sites, and many other sites that are not much useful to them but they are wasting most of their time in those sites then the question that arises in you is how to stop this thing? Now you may have heard about blocking the website in google chrome. This blocking of sites feature in Google Chrome helps us in many ways like preventing your kids or the upcoming generation from the wrong thing that internet gives us or many bad ads on the internet. Learn how to Block website in Google Chrome.

Block website in Google Chrome

You can Block  website in Google Chrome browser, but this should be done with care, I mean to say is that you need to know how to do this. So here are some of the steps that you can follow, or you can take with this steps and maintain the site for your child. I guess this is one of the best features in Google Chrome.

Some topic to Block Website in Google Chrome

1. Nanny for your Chrome:

Nanny is an excellent thing then other website blockers in you Google Chrome. Nanny is giving you many features like listing up the URL of the blocked list, and you also see how much time one is spending on the particular site that you have submitted in Nanny. In the options page of a nanny, you will find Blocked URL, Whitelisted URL, Tags, etc.

In Blocked URL you will be abe to add URL of the site that you want to block, you can also give for how much time you want the site to be blocked for your Google Chrome. After setting up all the date and time for how much you want the site to block you can now click on the save button.

Nanny blocked URL

Nanny in your Google Chrome also has Whitelists URL feature where you can check how much time you have totally spent on the site by putting the URL in the whitelisted URL tab in the menu bar of the options window of Nanny.

Whitelisted URL in Nanny

You can also use the LockDown feature of Nanny where you can lock the social media network like facebook, twitter, etc.  for your manually given time

LockDown in Nanny

You can also manually customize the Nanny for your Google Chrome by clicking in General tab from the menu bar. Here you can configure the system of blocking the site in three ways i.e. close tab, show “site block” page, Redirect to URL. Now after selecting the blocking site option, click on the clock icon where you can see the time that you have spent in a particular website. After finishing all those formalities of blocking the site, you can now save the changes.

General Options in Nanny

Now you can see whether the site you have blocked is still working in your Google Chrome or not then you will find that your Google Chrome can’t access to the site that is blocked, and a message appear ” You can access the Webpage after the block time is over”. Hence, successfully you can Block website in Google Chrome

Blocked Sites Message

2.Website Blocker (Beta) for Google Chrome:

 This tool is very easy to use where any user can Block website in Google Chrome with only some simple configure and clicks to some options and is very easy to remember for a long term. This tool too helps you to block the website in your Google Chrome in a very easy way. If you want to block the particular site, first of all, go to that site and click on the Website Blocker (Beta) icon, and you will see one pop-up message appear in the screen.

Website Blocker Beta

Now you can block the site by clicking on Block this button by giving the URL of the site you want to block. But there is one thing you can do i.e. here the time limit is on your wish, you can block the site without giving any time, in this case, the site will get blocked and can’t be accessed until and unless you unblock the site again. If you are providing time then, the site will be blocked for the time that you have provided to it.

Now you can try to access the blocked site, but you will get a message showing that you can’t access to this site.

site is Blocked

You can also block multiples sites using this tool by adding the URL in the URL box; time will depend to you if you want to provide any time or block the multiple sites without time.

Blocked multiple site

These days as there are lots of distraction in the regular lifestyle and one of the most distracting items for the upcoming youth is social networking sites. We know that maximum of the future young people is in a good relation with internet which is a good news but in that good news, there is something bad in the back that is some social media site. I don’t mean to say that social media sites are bad for us I mean to say that excessive use of social media sites is harmful in our career. Hence, to maintain our normal life we need to have a gap from all social media sites and also thanks to the tools to Block websites in Google Chrome browser so that we don’t get distracted in our work time.


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